How To Improve Your Brand Reputation With Glassdoor Reviews

Improving Brand Reputation with Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor Reviews

Just like Google reviews, Glassdoor reviews have also started getting a lot attention lately. If you are a business owner, then Glassdoor reviews are as important as google reviews for you. Just in case you are unaware of Glassdoor reviews, here is a crash course for you!

What is Glassdoor and what is it all about?

Let’s start from the basics

Glassdoor is a website where contemporary and previous employees or anyone can anonymously review companies. What makes Glassdoor company reviews a mystery is that it also allows users to secretly submit and view salaries and search and apply for jobs. This platform is both hell and heaven for business owners. Hell, because the negative reviews can ruin the entire brand image and affect your clientele, and heaven because if you get positive reviews, nothing can stop your business from growing. Yes, it either can turn your dream of having a successful business into a reality or can turn the biggest nightmares of business owners into a reality. Believe it or not, this is the power of this platform.

Not only this, but Glassdoor allows employees to provide ratings and responses for career opportunities, learning & development, senior management, reimbursement & benefits, and company civilization.

Glassdoor ratings are based on user-generated reviews. Each year Glassdoor ranks overall company ratings to establish its annual Employees’ Choice Awards, also known as the Best Places to Work Awards. Glassdoor is a go-to site for company reviews. 25% of Glassdoor members read reviews at the start of their job search preceding speaking with a company recruiter or hiring manager. Make it a point to monitor and act in response to Glassdoor company reviews and feedback on interviews as they are posted.

Some more academic Knowledge on your way-

Glassdoor launched its company ranking and review site in June 2008 as a website that “collects company reviews and real salaries large companies’ employees and displays them anonymously for all members to see,” according to TechCrunch. Soon the website started gathering focus on CEOs and how likely it to get work jobs in general is. Usually, the Glassdoor rankings are based on user-generated reviews. What is more important here is that the company itself makes sure that the employees’ reviews are genuine and generated from authentic people? The company itself rejects around 20% of their reviews due to the false and unauthentic reviews posted to them.


Glassdoor produces reports based upon its anonymous data, and in many cases, managers produce positive reviews for their organizations through posts. These reports have been on topics including work-life balance, CEO pay-ratios, lists of the best office places and cultures, and the accuracy of corporate job penetrating maxims. Exterior sources have also used Glassdoor reviews data to produce estimates on the effects of salary trends and changes on commercial revenues.

Why Glassdoor company review matter-

It would be quite a headache to understand the relation between Glassdoor reviews and the business. You must be wondering that how can an employee’s reviews affect my market reputation. Well, if you are someone who thinks this way, let us tell you one thing- your basics of service marketing are poor. Your employees are the pillars of your brand, & they know your company inside out. Moreover, when it comes to customer satisfaction, your employees play an essential role in providing customer service. Not only this but also who would or what type of employee would choose you in future would depend entirely on your employee’s feedback.

Imagine a review that says that your company follows corrupt practices to deliver a task; this one review will make the reader assume or accept that your products or services are not worth buying. You can lose your credibility and clientele in a blink of an eye. Similarly, it might invite some legal trouble and affect your business.

Not only this, but such negative reviews will make anyone feel disgusted about the company. Thus you can also get short of manpower.

Here’s how it will impact the manpower and the will of your team-

No one wants to be associated with a company that has been accused of falling corrupt practices. No one would ever want to join your team, and you will fall short of skilled, ethical, and professional manpower. Anyone would think that if you cannot stay loyal to your customers, then you won’t stay the same for the employees. Because unbelievably, the image that you have in the market influence more than just your business. Moreover, just one example where a negative review can ruin your credibility and business image.

On the contrary, positive reviews are going to be bliss for your company. Everyone wants to work in a company that offers a healthy work culture. Your clients also want to know about the work culture before associating with you. This is because a happy and motivated employee performs better and gives out the best results. This means that the quality of the work would improve and the customer service experience would be great.

One should always be very cautious about what people say about their business. These reviews are a reflection of your service or product quality. Rather than scratching your head over finding possible ways of getting positive Glassdoor reviews, it is better to buy them.

It is a good option to buy Glassdoor reviews as this would save you from the trouble of begging for positive reviews and would bring down the probability of getting negative reviews to zero.

It would be best if you never took a chance with your business; seize every opportunity that can act as a ladder to success. In today’s digital era, a positive review is that ladder! Make the right choices, and utilize every emerging marketing tool. For now, you can start with buying Glassdoor reviews from Get Reviews Buzz!


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