Outshine Your BRAND with Positive Reviews in the Digital Era

Outshine Your Brand with Positive Reviews in the Digital-Era

Outshine Your Brand with Positive Reviews in the Digital-Era

Build a great relationship with your customers, grow your business and explore the online world!

95% of people ageing between 18-34 go through the reviews for local businesses. Organizations, firms whether small scale or large scale having excellent reviews are more likely to influence customers in large numbers. 31% is the total estimation of the people who spend half of their time checking business positive reviews.

In the age of digitization, a great customer experience matters a lot. Regardless of what products or services are; consumer’s reviews play a crucial role in every business enterprise. Based on the research taken by experts, 90 per cent of buying decisions are dependent on online reviews of past customers experiences.

This article is all about brand identification, impacts of reviews on businesses and customers and you’ll get to know “how positive reviews will effectively affect your sales growth!”.

Online Reviews Are Essential for BRAND Reputation

Customers will directly head on to reviews before visiting any business or making any purchase. From electronic gadgets to beauty products, small enterprise or big firms, reviews are the foremost that every person sticks to. Positive reviews can significantly impact the sales as customers will first check out past experiences of people who have already made a purchase. If they find reviews accurate and reliable, they will further proceed with the product buying procedure. As customers can freely share their experience online, a business must take care of their opinions and work on the changes (if required in the organization) and will get to know what to improve.

Impact of Positive Reviews on Businesses

  • Positive reviews help people identify the brand status and products or services they offer to their customers.
  • For every star that a business gets, increased revenue generation is a plus point for the firm. The revenue is said to be raised between 5%-9%.
  • Building customer trust and helping them finalise their decision regarding product purchase is the major impact that affects business firms of big and small scale.
  • People are more likely to spend on products or avail services that benefit them in long run. Consumers are more likely to spend around 31% of the amount on products or services.


  • Based on the reports tested by Spiegal Research Center, it reflects reviews that can help in increasing sales by 270%.
  • Fan and Fuel surveyed 97% of shoppers declares reviews influence buying decisions.
  • Zendesk report states 88 per cent of customers gets more influenced in their purchasing decision.

Impact of Reviews on Customers

Building customer trust in the digital world is quite challenging. However, reviews help in bringing potential customers to the floor. Showing reviews on your website that fills customers with confidence draws a greater impact and ends up boosting a high conversion rate.


  • Based on the survey taken by Bright local, 85% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • The Bright Local report declares 73 per cent of customers trust a local business after going through the positive reviews.
  • The visit to the local business website counts 54% of customers when reading the positive review.
  • According to the reports of Fan and Fuel, 68% of consumers look either at customer’s experience or problems the reviewer experienced when going through the past experiences of the people.

Online Reviews Affects Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In today’s digital world, the customer plays a pivotal role in every business. They are more dependent on other’s experience so that it becomes easy for them to decide upon their purchase decision. However, this possibly influences big customer base to do business with you if they are aware of good experiences reported by other people.

Now that we are aware of the facts and stats about how businesses can get affected through positive reviews, let’s have a look at the perspective and see how to utilise the power of feedback of customers.

Based on the reports taken by 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors Report by Moz, the online reviews are said to up to 15 per cent of the local pack ranking factors.

Facts About How Customer Reviews Work-on GMB (Google My Business)

Reviews help customers in your service area that gives a clear direction of their dollars. Google My Business is the place, where they offer another purpose as well, however, i.e. boosting your SEO rankings. As numerous factors lie under search rankings, having big customer count can be a strong signal for local search building the trust and confidence in search engines. One must be aware of the fact that Google reviews are the foremost point and must be a major focus you must make an effort for search engine optimization. For great reviews, Yelp is the best and most helpful medium that will make a good impression of your business though, for maximum SEO impact, GMB reviews must be your primary focus.

The Bottom Line

This is the biggest fact that customers or buyers trust more on what other people are buying. However, their purchase decision completely depends on other customer’s feedback. They believe more in others rather than having personal recommendation and experiencing on its own. As long as you make it easy for the people, you are more likely to get into the Google reviews. This will help in creating a better business and uniquely identify the brand. All you require is to make sure you have a verified business profile. Also if you contribute some time in helping customers and letting them know how to do it and ask in person.

However, you don’t have control over reviews posted by customers on your page. Though, you have the power to respond and answering questions and resolving issues is far better than staying silent. Positive or negative, both reviews should be welcome by every industry as it creates a better reach, boost confidence amongst customers and increases sales. Reviews add value to your business and make a big difference in terms of tanking people and being grateful to them for making a purchase and utilising our services, however choosing our brand.


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