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Struggling with fake GBP (Google Business Profile) listings damaging your online reputation?

We understand the frustration and damage that these fake listings can cause to your business. We offer reliable GBP removal services online to help you get rid of fake listings or duplicate business on Google.


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With our help, you can remove all the fake GBP listings of your competitors that are stealing all your leads and business.

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GBP Removal

$150/Per Listing

*We guarantee a high success rate for the removal of fake GBP, but we cannot guarantee a 100% success rate. In the event that we fail to remove fake GBP despite our best efforts, we keep 50% of the total payment for our valiant efforts. You can either get a refund of the remaining 50% or use it to buy any other service offered by our platform.


Why Do You Need Fake GBP Removal Services?

Fake GBPs can potentially steal your leads and hurt your business monetarily.

Protect Your Online Reputation: Trustworthy GBP Removal Services can safeguard your business’s online reputation by eliminating fake listings that provide inaccurate information or mislead potential customers.

Restore Trust and Credibility: Fake GBP listings can erode trust among potential customers, leading to lost sales or inquiries. Our best fake GBP removal services in the USA can help restore trust and credibility by eliminating fake listings and providing accurate information to customers.

Improve Search Engine Rankings: Fake GBP listings can negatively impact your search engine rankings, confusing search engines and leading to incorrect information. Fake GBP removal services can improve your SEO efforts by ensuring that only accurate and relevant information is associated with your business online.

Comply with Google Guidelines: Google has specific guidelines for business listings, and fake GBP listings can violate these guidelines. With our GBP removal services, you can ensure that your business is in compliance with Google’s terms of service and local business listing guidelines.

Prevent Unfair Competition: Competitors may create fake GBP listings to harm your business or gain an unfair advantage. Our services can identify and remove duplicate listings on GBP, protecting your business interests.

What Do We Focus On?

As a trusted agency, we take GBP spam seriously because we understand the impact it can have on your business’s online reputation. Our approach goes beyond just removing fake listings, as we strive to ensure that your business maintains a positive online presence.

Our Comprehensive Approach Includes:

Proactive Removal of Fake Lead Generation Listings: We proactively identify and delete duplicate businesses on Google, created solely for the purpose of generating leads or inquiries.

Accurate Multi-Location Listing Management: We ensure that your business’s multi-location listings are accurate and up-to-date, avoiding any false or misleading information that can confuse potential customers.

Quality Control for Legitimate Listings: We conduct thorough quality control checks on your legitimate GBPs to ensure that they comply with Google’s guidelines. It includes avoiding excessive and irrelevant keywords that may lead to keyword stuffing.

Customized Strategies for Algorithmic Filtering: We use customized strategies to identify and remove algorithmically created listings that may contain inaccurate or misleading information.

Timely Removal of Closed Business Listings: We promptly remove any GBPs that continue to exist after your business has closed down, preventing potential customers from being misled.


Ready To Remove Listing from Google Search?

Don’t let fake GBP listings harm your business. Our agency is here to help you remove duplicate Google my business listing and protect your online reputation. Contact us to avail of service for deleting duplicate Google business listings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Merge Two Business Listings on Google?

To merge two business listings on Google, you need to contact Google My Business support and provide them with the details of the two listings you want to merge. They will review the information and may merge the listings if they meet the necessary criteria.

How Do I Fix Duplicate Business on Google?

To fix a duplicate business on Google, you should log in to your Google My Business account, identify the duplicate listing, and use the “Mark as Permanently Closed” option on the duplicate listing. You can also contact Google My Business support for assistance.

What Does "Duplicate" on Google My Business Mean?

“Duplicate” on Google My Business refers to multiple listings for the same business at the same location, which can create confusion for users and violate Google’s guidelines. It is important to identify and resolve duplicate listings to maintain accurate and reliable information on Google.

Can You Delete a Google Listing?

Yes, you can delete a Google listing, but it should only be done in specific circumstances, such as if the business has permanently closed or if the listing is a duplicate. You can delete a listing from your Google My Business account or contact Google My Business support for assistance.

Why is Google Suspending GBP Accounts?

Google may suspend Google GBP accounts for various reasons, such as violations of their guidelines, suspicious or fraudulent activities, inaccurate or misleading information, or failure to comply with GBP policies. It is important to ensure that your GBP account and listings adhere to Google’s guidelines to avoid suspension.


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