How It works?

It’s easy to get started. It should be, and it is….
Running a local business has never been easy.

You had enough in your mind with day-to-day operations and small emergencies, so maintaining your online presence seems like a daunting challenge.

At, Get Reviews– we along with Google have taken steps towards making the process much more streamlined. With the suite of features collectively known as Google My Business, you can dramatically improve your chances to be found organically, and attract more customers to generate leads.

Let’s look at how we(Get Reviews) can help you to get started on Google My Business.

Step 1: GMB Verified Listing Service

Here at Get Reviews – We build Verified Google My Business listing for any location- even if you don’t have an address there! We pride ourselves in going a step above other vendors who peddle listing.

Our GMB verifying service is an easy way to get your business seen on Google and generate leads without all the trials and tribulations. Unfortunately, GMB verification’s take a lot of hassle to do-especially if you or your clients business has multiple locations and you need to verify each one of them.

Luckily, we are available to help you guide as we offer services that can generate GMB verified listings- whether or not you want just one or hundred business listings.

Our team can handle any volume of GMB verification with ease. Not all GMB verification providers are equally as well suited for the task as we are. Our team has combined decades of experience working with GMBs and getting them verified in a way that Google is happy with.

Note: Each GMB verification is linked to a specific area. As part of our service you will get to choose how many listings you want as well as choose the locations that you are targeting.

Step 2: Google My Business Optimization Service

Show up when people search for what you offer. We help you position at the very moment someone is looking for products or services like yours.

So the initial stage (verifying GMB) is done and you need to get down to the critical stage of ensuring that your listing effectively captures the attention of prospective clients and drives more traffic to your website with the ultimate goal of making conversions.

Since you have a site, an item or service to offer, would you say you are preparing your clients when they should purchase? Are these clients discovering your site before or after they see your competitor’s offer?

You truly require bleeding edge techniques to remain in front of your opposition. Simply not having time or the right information for the procedures of setting up an effective Google My Business Optimization can affect your business.

This is why we at Get Reviews choose to deal with every element by giving the aptitude expected to make your Google My Business optimization battle a crushing achievement.

Whenever conceivable, we at Get Reviews expect to accomplish high rankings in both Maps and natural results on search engine. In this methodology we will support your business image power and believability according to your potential neighborhood customers – that will help convert and get your business more deals and benefits. You would not think about it, but rather Google utilizes distinctive calculations for positioning locals in the Maps comes about and in the standard natural indexed lists.

We comprehends what it takes to get in Google Maps postings and we help your business get more activity from the major local and map search engines.

Our Google My Business Optimization Service Includes:
Optimized listing of your business on Google My Business with the following information

  • Your Business Name, Street Address, etc
  • Website URL
  • Primary Phone and Fax Number
  • Alternate Phone
  • Business Description
  • Hours of Operation
  • Method of Payment Accepted
  • Uploading of business photos (must be supplied by client!)
  • Email Address

Our Regular optimization service includes

  • Regular posts to Promote Events, Offers, & Content
  • Positive reviews and replies to every single review
  • Regular uploading of photos and videos
  • Q&A

The more we help you optimize your Google Business Page the more Google gets to know about you and your business appears mostly in the searches of Google.

However, when Google knows more about your business and what you sell, they can help match you with other types of search queries; the most valuable of these is Google’s 3-Pack.

Step 3: High Quality Reviews

All-in-one review solution
High Quality Reviews are crucial to your overall marketing mix!
It’s really straightforward why you need to embrace reviews on Google Business Listing:

In short, High Quality Reviews = Improved sales owing to better on-page conversions.

But how do you collect more Google reviews?
The reviews on you GMB(Google My Business) page can be a deciding factor in whether or not a buyer engages with your brand. As 97% of customers look online for local business, 87% of consumers trust on reviews as much as personal recommendation because it makes them trust a local business more.

While making a purchase decision, people look to other for their opinions. We have you covered with our most important step.

We generate and manage your positive reviews.

Yes, we do it all. And we do it often. Because, we want you to learn from the experiences of those who have purchased.

Get Reviews works with thousands of brands and businesses to help them flourish by generating quality reviews online. Our years of experience with review writing gives us access to tons of data, that sheds light on the importance of product reviews. Perhaps the most important concept is that we understand the true impact of reviews that improves the aspect of your business like traffic, conversion rates, sales and product insights.

Note:- We curate and post positive Reviews on all platforms like Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, Yelp and many other websites necessary for local SEO of your GMB.

Step 4: Delete Fake Competitor’s GMB

Unfortunately Google is not always adept at automatically filtering and removing these fake business listings made by competitors. This is very detrimental to actual real businesses in the area that abide by the guidelines. Instead of only competing with one or two other listings, their listing has to compete with five or more listings (depending how aggressive the spammer is).

So it falls to us, as expert consultants, to look for fake listings and try to get them removed to help our clients compete better.

Sometimes it is easy to have a listing removed, we can flag the listing and the algorithm will automatically accept our edit.

Sometimes however, it takes more work to get a listing removed. We might need to contact Google and provide them proof, for example that the address used to verify the business was an employees home address and not the main business address.

Spamming companies come up with very ingenious ways to bypass the rules and we have to be constantly looking out for these fake listings.

Yes, we do it all. And we do it often. Because, we want you to learn from the experiences of those who have purchased.

In really bad industries, Google is trying to legitimize businesses by asking them to provide proof that they are operating a real business at a certain location. Right now, this extra verification is only available through Home Service Ads for specific industries in select cities, so until it rolls out this change to everyone, Get Reviews helps their clients with bad competitor listings.

You might be losing considerable amounts of business and not even realize.

If you find you are unable to get them removed, then it is we at Get Reviews can build a case and bring it to Google.

Note: If you think you have any competitors that are eating into your client base, just trust Get Reviews and we would be glad to take a look at the business listings in your area.

Step 5: Claim & Edit

Occasionally, people find that not only is their business already on Google My Business but that it’s been verified and owned by someone else. If for some reason, someone else has claimed and verified a listing of your business, we (Get Reviews) help you claim it and then make relevant edit.

As Google Local Guides are reviewers whose edits can help your business (their blessing) or hurt it (their curse). Google does not currently alert listing owners to suggested changes, so if you don’t look at your listing frequently, changes can be made without your knowledge. Hence the best way to keep control of your listing is to get in our touch so that we can check in on frequently and correct the changes as required.