How to get rid of negative reviews on yellow pages in 2021

Removing Negative Reviews on Yellow Pages in 2021

Negative Reviews On Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is one of the best and renowned review platforms. Many business owners want to make sure they have a good profile. In rare cases, an upset or an angry customer may post a negative review which is not at all good for your business. Sometimes, fake users can post a false review.

To get a Yellow Pages review deleted, you will have to check and look if the review violates the terms of use of yellow pages. Reviews that are irrelevant, threatening, abusive, or fake have good chances of being removed from the website.

How You Can Delete Yellow Pages Reviews

  • Open your Profile
  • Go to Reviews
  • Flag the review you want to remove
  • Report the Review

Let’s have a look at what goes into each step:

1. Open Your Profile

The first step you will need to do is to log into your Yellow Pages profile. This will allow you to have the access to your reviews.

– Log-in to yellow pages to have access to the reviews.

– On the next screen, select the method you want to log in with and sign in to your account when you’re ready.

2. Go to Reviews

On your Yellow Pages business’s website, go ahead and click on reviews to enter the review section and you can see all of the reviews that are posted for your business. You can see all the reviews posted by your customer and select the reviews that you want to remove.

3. Flag the review you want to remove

Find the review that you want to remove and select them. Then, Flag the review to begin the reporting process. You can flag the review that you think should not be there on your business site.

4. Report the Review

Yellow Pages is very responsive to deleting reviews. Their support staff allows you to enter a lot of information to help them understand why a review should be removed.

Make sure that the review you have reported is detailed enough to support why you are reporting the review as abuse. Once the review has been submitted, you have to wait for the response by Yellow Pages. They will respond to your request and then look for the review is can be removed or not. If they did not agree with your request, you can appeal to them one more time to remove that review.

Once you are done, go ahead and submit to finish the reporting process. Within a few days, yellow pages will get back to you about whether or not the Yellow Pages review that you reported will be deleted or not.

How Yellow Pages works?

Your customer must get good information about the services of your business. Nobody likes to get criticized for the work or services they offer.

To maintain the brand image of the business sometimes business owners buy reviews to maintain the image of the business. These reviews are used to hide the negative reviews that are popping on the screens of the customers who are looking for any service related to the business.

Yellow pages help the clients to get the best information and knowledge about the business.

It tends to remove the review on its own by checking through different algorithms. Beware of the reviews you post on the yellow pages. If it is violating the terms & conditions of the website, it can be deleted.

Making negative reviews a positive

Removing negative reviews from the yellow pages is not the only solution to maintain your brand but also you should respond to the negative reviews. You should be responsive and firmly give a response to the negative reviews. This will help your business to grow as these negative reviews can help you to know the areas in which you can improve your business.

You can coordinate and check within your business. This will not only help your business to grow but also improves your services as well.

Addressing your customer’s complaints and giving them an idea of how much you value their opinions will go a long way in earning their trust. And you will be surprised how many positive reviews are born out of negative ones that are addressed properly and promptly.

Types of reviews that yellow pages restrict

As we all know that yellow pages are one of the most trusted review sites where the clients or customer can get a good idea about the services and offerings of your company. But several guidelines can remove your review from the website. So, be very careful of what you post about the business.

a. Use of inappropriate content like threats comments, harassing comments, hate comments, or any other biased comments are strictly prohibited by the yellow pages. These comments are automatically removed by the yellow pages. Sometimes, if it doesn’t get removed, you can report manually as well.

b. There can be a conflict of interest between you and your peer. Some reviews are not at all relevant to your business or services. This makes a conflict and yellow pages remove your review from there.

c. One more type of review that is taken down from the yellow pages is the promotional content.People who write about a business’s employment practices. Political ideologies or other matters and don’t discuss the consumer experience are sometimes taken down. It makes the content irrelevant to the business and has no use in the review.

d. Violating the privacy of the other person is strictly prohibited by the yellow pages.

e. Stealing content or review from other users may remove your review from the website.

f. Demanding for payments like asking for a refund for the services you did not like in the review regardless of whether you have been a customer or not. Yellow pages will take down your review.

Anything that is illegal and you have posted online, in general, should also be flagged if you find it in a Yellow pages review.


Yellow pages do work with a sophisticated algorithm, and you can see them filter out many new reviews for some businesses.

To improve your review rating and hoping you get some positive yellow pages review and doing nothing about it is like waiting for the rain in a drought. The best thing is having clients that already have a yellow page account and have done reviews in the past, but since these customers are few and far between, ask all your good customers to leave a positive review for the business.


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