Decoded- Why online reviews are more important than ever

Decoding Why Online Reviews Are More Important Than Ever

online reviews

Ever wonder why businesses nowadays buy positive reviews online? You’ll get the answer in this blog. But make sure to read it till the end.

Understanding the impact of reviews on your business

Customers use online reviews to make informed decisions about everything from mobile phones to dental services. The majority of consumers read at least one online review before visiting a business in 2016. More importantly, 94% of online shoppers have avoided doing business with a business after reading a negative review. Online presence offers several advantages, which is why it has become a vital part of branding, no matter what your industry is.

It will help you optimize your customer experience and create a positive online presence if you understand why you need online reviews. Here are a few reasons why online reviews matter.

They increase your visibility

Being successful as a brand also means you’re recognizable.

Search engines like Google and Bing, or even social media sites like Facebook, are commonly used by shoppers to find what they are looking for.  Although each of these websites has a different way of indexing and surfacing content, they all value original, fresh content, and customer reviews can certainly feed the content machine, keeping your brand at the top. When selecting which results to return and how to rank them, search engines highly value online customer reviews.

As your ranking climbs, algorithms and people alike tend to view your website as an authority in your industry, which also leads to better exposure.

Your credibility is enhanced by them

Through a steady stream of positive reviews, your brand can gain considerable trust and credibility. Research indicates that reviews are such a powerful way of building your company’s online identity that they are one of the more interesting findings of the study.
It is equally important what customers say about you like the fact that their names are being said. You will ultimately drive more sales when you have a highly positive footprint.

They spread the word about you

Reviews tend to spread very fast, whether they are good or bad. You can easily expand the reach of your brand by encouraging consumers to review your company.

People who are satisfied also tend to post their reviews on more sites, including Yelp, FourSquare, Trustpilot, and TripAdvisor. The sites that Google uses to build its own ranking collect data from these hubs, which makes your online presence vital. Gaining customers through positive reviews is beneficial. Upon posting these reviews, Warnock saw an increase in organic search traffic of 23%. It also led to more reviews on sites like Google+, Facebook, and Healthgrades, the latter being especially critical for Warnock because of his vertical. A website review is always valuable, but satisfied customers will likely provide their feedback across as many channels as possible. This is one of the important reasons why you should buy positive reviews online.

They Have Become More Crucial to Decision-Making

Your online visibility will increase when you cultivate your brand proactively and encourage people to talk about you in several ways. A thriving business relies on customers talking about you across a variety of channels, including social media.

Two-thirds of shoppers say online reviews are important for influencing their purchasing decisions. Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are more likely to direct them to the best places to go than a newspaper or even their friends. When customers make their next shopping decision, your brand is more likely to be present when they browse reviews.

Their impact on sales is evident

It is possible for case studies and theory to lead to misconceptions. In the real world, there are often anomalies and things don’t always follow logic. It’s well known that reviews do lead to increased revenue, but there is an increasing body of benchmark data that proves it too.

Online reviews have been demonstrated by researchers at Harvard Business School to boost your bottom line. Positively viewed brands sell better, but even improving your star rating can boost sales

They Give You Direct Access to Consumers

Today, consumers expect companies to respond to their comments more than just posting reviews. Furthermore, you can increase positive reviews by thanking customers or promoting them in return. Moreover, by resolving a negative review as soon as possible, they can demonstrate that you care.

As an example, MedQuest, a medical company, improved its review ratings and volume through its improved response rate to both negative and positive feedback. Review volume on Facebook increased by 163%, while Google reviews increased by 23%. Having immediate reviews and personalized responses also puts a face to your brand. It can work wonders for your brand if you present a friendly, open-to-feedback nature.

Want to get reviews for your business? We can help

Brand marketing is important, but having people talk about your brand is a great way to enhance your message. You can quickly and clearly improve your marketing efforts by encouraging positive brand conversations. You can get in touch with us to buy reviews for any platform. Need to buy Trustpilot review? We have got you covered! Need reviews for any other platform? We are here to help you.

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