Win more customers for your online business with this Google local guide

Gain More Customers for Your Online Business with This Google Local Guide

Online Business With_Google Local Guide

Whether you’re selling a software solution or a physical product online, you may already know that running an e-commerce store is not easy. It requires persuading customers differently. The ever-increasing online frauds and the uncertainty of the shipping process have forced savvy shoppers to be extra careful and attentive while shopping online.

So, how does one win these customers? Interestingly, there are a few things that are commonly considered by online shoppers. Let’s examine these factors in detail and learn how you can work to persuade the buying decision of your customers.

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User Experience

One of the most important things for anyone browsing an online shopping site is the user experience and ease of use. This covers a myriad of factors including the ability to browse a product and filter according to the need (color, brand, size, price, etc.).

Placement of pop-up menus, loading speed, proper product images, and display of the products are some of the major things that affect the user experience. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure that your website isn’t slow to load. Take the help of the Google Insight tool to check if your website is slow or fast.
  • Avoid excessive pop-ups as they could distract a user.
  • Try loading your website on different devices to make sure it loads fine on different screen sizes.
  • Try to include breadcrumbs, user-friendly menus, evenly placed buttons that will ensure easy navigation throughout your website.

Positive Customer Reviews and testimonials

About 88% of customers say that before making any purchase online they check what other customers are saying about it. They buy quickly from a website that has more positive reviews. The positive customer reviews also help online businesses in improving their overall search engine rankings. This is exactly why businesses have started to buy Google local reviews. You can always take the help of the Google local guide to take your business to new heights. Also, do not forget to address and answer the negative reviews and comments.

Though testimonials are not that as common they can still help in increasing the confidence of your customers in transacting with you. Especially if you are a start-up business, you should definitely include testimonials.


With the ever-increasing online scams, customers want to make sure that their financial information will be kept safe. If they don’t feel secure, there’s no way that they are going to purchase from your website. Install an SSL certificate as it ensures the encryption of in-transit communication between the client browser and web server. Use security seals such as McAfee secure, Commando Secure, or Norton to make your website more secure and protected. Also, put a PCI-DSS compliant seal on your website.

Product information and images

Another thing people consider when buying something online is the information and the life-like image of the product itself. If the product you’re selling does not have information or an image, it will leave so many unanswered queries in the minds of the customers.

To avoid this, always provide detailed information of the product with descriptions, dimensions, specifications along large images. You can also add some frequently asked questions along with their answers about the product to the page so that customers can have more clear ideas.

Pricing and shipping information clearly stated

No surprises here, the unexpected surge in the final price due to taxes or shipping charges is the number one reason for checkout abandonment. Clearly stating the taxes and shipping charges often reduces such risk. So, make use of an effective tool that will easily help customers in knowing how much they need to pay before checkout.

This is something that helps customers in making the final decision based on the price.

Available Payment Methods

Be sure to offer the most common payment methods to the clients. The regular debit card, credit card, and Pay Pal are a must. Also, if you are a local store, the ‘Cash On Delivery’ option can also be a convenient option for customers who don’t want to share their card details.

Return and Refund Policy

Finally, customers want to make sure that anything that is not as per their expectations can be returned or refunded with no complications. Customers prefer flexibility from the website they are buying.

That is exactly why your website must have a policy explaining how your return and refund requests work. Clearly state the rules and procedure for the canceled and refunded orders.

24/7 Customer services

Another thing that will attract customers to your website is the outstanding and responding customer support team. Have proper customer care in the form of a live chat window so that people can reach you in the easiest way possible. According to a recent study, 45% of customers abandon an online transaction if their queries are not addressed properly.

This means if you really want to attract people and build a loyal clientele, you need to reply to all the comments and queries as soon as possible. Since time essence is the key in online shopping.

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These were the top things customers consider when making an online purchase. Taking care of these factors will not only boost your sales but will also take your business to near heights.

You can always hire the Getreviewsbuzz to do the hard work for you. We are your Google local review guide that will help you build a reputation online with positive reviews in a most organic way.

If you have any questions in mind about any of these factors, then please free to share them in the comment section.

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