Why Online customer reviews matter for business?

Why Online Customer Reviews Are Important for Business

Online Customer Reviews

Do customer reviews matter? Yes, it is definitely true. With the rise of online platforms, customers can share their experiences instantly. Currently, consumer reviews can be found across the web – from social media to blogs and forums to e-commerce websites. TripAdvisor and Yelp are websites devoted to customer reviews. Consumers are free to provide their opinion about all of those products, positive or negative. These reviews are an invaluable asset for any B2C company and can make the difference between success and failure. Businesses buy online reviews just to promote themselves among their audience and draw the attention of their customer. What is their significance? What can companies do with them? You can learn everything you need to know about customer reviews here.

Why Do Customer Reviews Matter So Much?

Customer reviews influence buying decisions
Consumers looked online for reviews of local businesses 97% of the time. These statistics already emphasize how important customer reviews are in determining a buyer’s decision. The fact that 85% of consumers trust online reviews equals their trust in recommendations from their friends and family is perhaps even more significant. Consumers will look at reviews before making a purchase decision, so positive or negative reviews can significantly impact your sales. Most likely, they will listen to the reviews if they believe the reviews are accurate and reliable. Regardless of whether they are acquaintances or strangers, customers want to relate to the reviewers. This is the reason why Businesses buy google reviews for their listings.

Ask Customers How They Feel About Your Product
Customers are not limited to share their experiences online and can do so in any way they want. It’s their right, to tell the truth about the product and what they believe others should know before making an important purchase decision. They will usually explain their opinions more than just “This product is good” or “I don’t like this product”. Reviews can be helpful in that regard. Having opinions can help businesses improve, change details, and promote their products’ advantages. Negative reviews can be helpful because they help you modify the product to improve it.

Increase visibility
The importance of customer reviews is incorporated into search engine algorithms. Customer reviews indicating good credibility and integrity is a positive sign. Positive consumer reviews will improve your search engine ranking. Readers might become aware of a brand’s website if feedback from social media is shared about a product. This would improve brand awareness and visibility. Customer reviews can also influence the number of views of your website. The business takes the advantage of it and buy online reviews and use them as their marketing strategy

Make Sure You Get Them!

Asking for customer reviews is the first step to getting them! You should dedicate a section of your website to customer reviews, where clients can let you know what they think about your products. Sending emails asking for opinions following the sale is also a good idea. You can do this by sending a short survey or by sending an open-ended question. A good way to encourage more reviews is by offering incentives. The company will also be able to demonstrate its care for the consumer, which will increase brand loyalty.

Use Social Listening

The customer doesn’t always provide feedback about a product on the brand’s media – online reviews can be found on various platforms. Executives can’t monitor every review themselves due to the sheer number of sources. This is where social listening comes in. Platforms that collect social media mentions of a brand or product based on keywords collect all mentions of them. Consumer feedback can be gathered from thousands of mainstream media and local websites in a centralized place.
Social Listening Platforms collect data and analyze it to provide metrics based on all reviews. You can then compare the number of positive and negative mentions. We will group reviews according to the feedback they provide.

Customer reviews have limitations

Even though customer reviews are extremely helpful, there are some disadvantages.
First of all, there are many reviews on the web used by businesses to promote. Businesses buy online reviews to enhance their rankings and visibility post positive reviews about themselves. As well, your competitors may post negative reviews about your business, which could tarnish your reputation. The majority of unaware consumers fail to find out legitimate reviews, which leads to information being believed. It is also possible to identify suspicious mentions and react to them by monitoring your social media accounts.


To improve your business, you need to collect and analyze consumer reviews. You can use them to increase brand awareness, improve your products, and much more. Buy google reviews and get an experience that will become increasingly important as more and more people use the internet. With Get Reviews Buzz, you will be able to get positive customer reviews across various channels from one place and have the expertise to provide you best google reviews.


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