Updates & Changes in Google Review Algorithm: From September 2022

Changes in Google Review Algorithm from September 2022

Updates & Changes In Google Review Algorithm

For many online users, Google has officially rolled out the September 2022 update. It was initiated on 12 September, but it took two consecutive weeks before it became live. Despite the fact that this is a new update, some users may believe that it has had a significant impact on the performance of their website.

Google Search Central announced the release of its September 2022 update on Twitter. The anticipated change that has been observed is that the change in the core algorithm resulted in some reviews getting deleted.

Changes After The Update

Ratings of Product or Service

It is widely accepted that product reviews tend to be highly descriptive. Google believes that this may sometimes appear to be done by experts rather than the actual seller. That’s why Google wants genuine reviews for its users. The algorithm will prioritize high-quality product reviews in its search results.

However, some genuine reviews have also been removed recently. Maybe the updated Google algorithm is still adjusting itself in the present. And because of this, some of our genuine reviews are also being removed.

Don’t Worry As We Stand True To Our Customers

Google has changed its algorithm, but we still stand with our customers. The coolest thing is that fresh reviews or those posted within 30 days of the posting can now easily be compensated without any issues. Try raising a ticket at support@getreviews.buzz. For others, we don’t guarantee.

Wrapping It Up

No doubt, the algorithm has changed, but there are some things that are still the same for every website. The key points that we found from the content are:

  • Have genuine high quality reviews
  • Avoid too much addition of affiliated links to prevent low rankings


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