The Importance of Google Reviews Local Guide Program

Why Google Reviews Local Guide Program Matters

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Google reviews are a widely used and trustworthy method of gathering important information for users. Millions of people use Google reviews from a local guide as a reliable information source.

Whether they’re looking for hotels, restaurants, or other local businesses, it’s a key factor that affects their buying decision. As a result, Google reviews by local guides can significantly impact your business and its ranking on Google Maps.

What is a Google Local Guide?

Anyone who volunteers to contribute to Google Maps can become a Google local guide. They are part of a global community of explorers who actively contribute to enhancing the information on Google Maps.

They accumulate points for their contributions. For example, they can post helpful reviews, fact-check places, add new places, and upload pictures on Google Maps to enhance the user experience. Additionally, they will get points for every task, such as

1 point for :

  • Rating a business
  • Fact-checking

3 points for :

  • Tagging a photo of the location
  • Answering Q&As on Google

5 points for :

  • Uploading a new photo on Google Maps
  • Editing business information
  • Adding a description for a location that’s already on the map

7 points for :

  • Uploading a video

10 points for :

  • Writing a review
  • Providing a list of relevant sites

15 points for :

  • Adding a new location to the Google Map
  • Adding a new road

20 points for :

  • Adding a long review (i.e., more than 200 characters)

As the user accumulates more points while following the local guides program, they advance to new levels. When they reach a high level, they also earn themselves the “local guides badge,” which displays every time they post a new review. In addition, they may enjoy other benefits, such as early access to new Google features.

How Can the Google Reviews Local Guide Program Help With Local SEO Ranking?
The Google Reviews Local Guide Program was designed to boost the presence of the local community on Google Maps. It’s not only for enhancing local knowledge but can also impact your business’s ranking in the following ways:

1) Enhanced Visibility in Local Searches

Most Google reviews come from user-generated content. Thus, the people who write reviews for the business can affect its success. However, more than general reviews, the Google reviews left by a local guide can significantly influence the business’s brand perception. Such reviews are considered trustworthy and credible.

Thus, a business with more positive reviews from local guides and other reviewers can generally rank higher in the local search engine results. As a result, even if they may not have the highest rating, they may still appear at the top rather than a competitor with a high rating but few reviews.

2) Keep the Business Information up-to-date

Of course, businesses must update their information, such as their location, operating hours, phone numbers, etc. If the information on their Google My Business page is inaccurate, it may turn away potential customers.

Sometimes businesses may not realize if there are any mistakes in the business listing. It may lead to higher bounce rates, affecting the business’s online ranking. However, Google local guides can earn points for editing listings.

Thus, they usually look for business information that’s missing or outdated. As a result, they can add useful details that may keep your business information up-to-date. It helps maintain your ranking in the search results.

3) Adds Credibility To Submitted Information

The Google local guides also perform the crucial task of fact-checking. They, check whether the information added by other users is actually accurate and credible or not.

Thus, if any customers or other Google local guides are adding fake reviews or negative online reviews, they would be discovered. As a result, it adds another layer of credibility to the information available on Google Maps.

How Are Reviews By Google Local Guides Different From Those Posted By Other Locals?

A local guide badge on the reviewer’s profile signifies that they are posting reviews as a local Google Guide, which increases their perceived trustworthiness. Moreover, although Google local guides are a minority among the millions of ordinary users who write reviews, they still dominate the volume of reviews submitted on Google.

Local guides actively chase levels, which means they perform the above-listed tasks very often. Additionally, the reviews left by local guides stay much longer in the top position than those left by other users. Thus, the Google reviews by a local guide may impact the first impressions of new online visitors (i.e., potential leads).

In Conclusion

There is no denying that Google reviews by local guides can be much more effective for businesses than ever. Before purchasing any local products or services, people like to scour online business reviews and tend to trust Google local guides more.

Therefore, businesses that are struggling to stand out in their local community may benefit from bulk-buying genuine Google Local Guides reviews. It’s the easiest way for businesses to optimize their Google business profile and dominate local searches. Moreover, local guide reviews also encourage more users to post reviews of your business in their locality.

So, if you are interested in leveraging the power of the Local Guide Program, explore our packages today!


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