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Google LSA Verified Reviews

Google LSA Verified Reviews

Want to outsmart your competitors, generate quality leads, and maximize your advertising budget? LSA reviews can help you accomplish these goals.

Since LSA reviews are Google verified and confirm they’re from real customers they create more trust with users and appear before any GBP reviews. Regardless if you are a Plumber, dietitian, roofer, or advocate, LSAs have the capability to supercharge your business.

Price: $25.00/Per Review

What Are Local Services Ads & Why Do they Matter?

When you enter a local search query in Google, you may find a slew of trusted professionals positioned right above the paid search ads, these are Google’s Local Search Ads. Unlike Google search ads that work on a pay-per-click model, LSAs are based on pay-per-lead thus they eliminate any click that doesn’t engage with your business.

Doesn’t matter if your website, Google my business listing, or PPC campaign are appearing on top of google searches, Google still places LSAs above all of these search results.


Why You Must Invest in Reviews for LSA?

To make the most out of your marketing campaign it’s pivotal to rank higher than your competitors in the LSA rankings. Reviews are one such major factor that helps you to gain a competitive advantage by ranking above other professionals within your business domain.

Having a good number of LSA reviews also develops trust and credibility among searchers thereby adding significant brand value to your business.

How Do LSA Reviews Differ From GBP Reviews?

Though both GBP and LSA reviews hold importance for your business, LSA reviews have a slightly upper hand. Since there is no verification process in GBP, almost anyone can write and post a review on your GBP, whereas, LSA reviews strictly come from a genuine customer who booked service using your LSAs.

Also, since LSA reviews are verified by Google, they hold “Google Verified Jobs” as an identification mark that separates them from GBP reviews and adds extra value & authenticity to the posted reviews.


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