Negative reviews getting you down? Here's how to handle it

Negative reviews getting you down? Here’s how to handle it

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How do you handle it when a customer makes negative comments about your business online, such as on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Playstore, and almost anywhere else? Well, that’s a bummer.

When some of our customers are so unhappy with the way we treat them that they choose to tell the world about it, and it’s difficult to deal with. No doubt this is why most businesses choose to take control over feedback and buy online reviews.

One way is to get reviews for business and outweigh the negative ones. The other way? Well, another way is to face the negative reviews and respond.

But in this blog, we’ll explain why bad reviews aren’t necessarily a bad thing.
It is true that you can do something about them (but it might not be the way you think).

The Bad Review Doesn’t Mean You’re Bad

Negative reviews should not be taken personally as the first rule of dealing with them. The reason is that your business will expand and you’ll run into them more and more often. What happens if you have 100 reviews, and five are bad, and you let those five get to you? What happens if you have 50 bad reviews out of 1,000, or 500 bad reviews out of 10,000?
In order to change the way we think about bad reviews, we need to remember three important things.

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Perhaps your business is just not the right fit for the customer (And that’s fine).
It’s not right for everyone to do business with you.
It’s great that you can’t please everyone, because you can’t please everyone.

Your product must be wrong for someone else before it can be the best solution for someone else. Bad reviews are often caused by customers finding your product not to be the right fit.
That’s okay.

A negative review can be an opportunity to shine.
It’s inevitable for businesses to make mistakes. Occasionally, it happens.
When it occurs, however, a great opportunity opens up for you: if you respond well to what happened, you may build a stronger relationship with the customer.

The key to great customer service is not to eliminate mistakes completely – an impossible task – but to use the opportunities mistakes provide to build closer relationships with your clients.

It’s possible that the customer just had a bad day.
Occasionally, we aren’t feeling so good. According to Roger Gil, MAMFT, a behavioural scientist, displaced anger is a significant way stress manifests itself on those days. Perhaps we’ve all been that bad customer on our bad days. You should keep a step back in any situation where you are feeling attacked or offended; often, the behaviour of your customer was not your fault.

Responding to Negative Reviews

Businesses often try to get negative reviews removed when they receive negative reviews.
There is nothing good about this approach. The problem isn’t a bad review. Bad reviews are the result of a problem. Your customer and your business were responsible for creating that result, so the problem is what happened between them.

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Customer service success comes from focusing on the problem, not the result.

Be empathic and compassionate, as you would to an upset customer who had not spoken up online: sincerely committed to making things right.

In order to accomplish this, it would be helpful if we followed the techniques pioneered by Walt Disney, which has more than 135 million visitors each year, including angry parents and even angrier children.

  • Listen to the customer’s entire story without interrupting. Sometimes, we just want someone to listen
  • Explain to the customer that you fully understand his or her situation. Using phrases like “I’d feel the same way” may help.
  • When you apologize, don’t forget to be sincere. Although you didn’t cause them to be upset, so provide customer assistance by asking, “How can I assist?”, you can still express a sincere apology for what they feel. (People need to be listened to sometimes. For example, you can say- we are sorry that it bothered you).
  • Ensure your employees have the authority to resolve the issue or resolve it quickly. Provide customer assistance by asking, “How can I assist?” Don’t be afraid to ask.”
  • Get to the bottom of why the error occurred without blaming anyone, and correct the process so that it won’t happen again.

In response to your customer’s review or social media post, or as a comment on their blog, you should publicly respond.
In any case, they should apologize and request an opportunity to right the wrong.

You will be less hurt by negative reviews when you have a few good ones. Even if there are ten positive reviews and one negative review, customers are less likely to be put off by ten positive reviews.

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