Key advantages of Google Local Guides program you probably didn't know

Key advantages of Google Local Guides program you probably didn’t know

Key advantages of Google Local Guides

In today’s world, local search has a greater importance than ever before. Many statistics support this claim, including the fact that 46% of all Google searches are conducted in search of local information. Some credible research suggests that user-generated content (UGC) has become an increasingly important tool in decision-making in this environment, as well.
While reviews have become a primary source of information and play a vital role in influencing the buying decision of customers, local guide reviews are considered as the most credible source of information and recommendations. With this, Google Local Guide have taken on new importance in this online landscape.

Here’s a quick introduction to the local guide programme

  • The program’s rules prohibit Local Guides from earning money for their contributions and do not pay Local Guides. Google Maps offers a Local Guides program for people who like to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with others. Additionally, they are eligible to receive early access to new Google products.
  • Besides reviews, Local Guides allows users to share photos, answer questions, add or edit places, and check facts about Google Maps locations. Contributions like yours help millions of people decide where they should go and what to do.
  • With Google Maps, you can earn points for sharing reviews, photos, and knowledge. In addition to earning points, you can get early access to Google features and special perks from partners.
  • You can become a Google Local Guide in just a few steps! By going to the website, you can join the Google Local Guide. Link your existing Google account, or sign up if you have not yet. Afterward, you can review and rate places you’ve been, then upload images.

Keeping in mind that people are trusting of others is also important. In general, consumers distrust brands’ content and advertising, especially the Millennial generation. Millennials express distrust of traditional marketing to the tune of 84 percent. When picking a restaurant, booking a hotel, choosing a contractor, or choosing a veterinarian, a peer recommendation is the most trusted.
A recent report from the Experience Index revealed that there is an increase of 159% in revenue for sites that encourage reviews. The scientific community also states that reviews significantly influence online sales. Over 5% more user reviews led to more bookings in the travel industry for instance.
This trend has been tracked by our own research over the past decade. Almost eight in ten people read online reviews for a local business (over last year), and 89% of 35-54-year-olds trust online reviews more than personal recommendations.

Advantages available to Google Local Guides

Your contributions (such as leaving a review, uploading a photo, answering questions, editing or adding places) will earn you a certain number of points. As an example, you will earn 10 points if you review a local business. You’ll get 10 bonus points if your review exceeds 200 characters. Get five points for adding a photo, and so on.

You can take your game to the next level by earning more points.

Then you’ll get a badge after reaching a certain level. You will also earn better badges if you contribute more. Only members who reach levels four and above will receive a badge. To do so, you’ll need 250 points. The highest level is level 10, which requires 100,000 points. The points earned by your contributions will be removed if they violate Maps policies.

As a Google Local Guides participant, you can enjoy many benefits. As such, these are likely to be of greatest interest to those who are avid Google users, with early access to new Google features described as one of the core benefits. Google Local Guides can receive special benefits from partners, but the article does not specify which ones will be provided.

Guides have reported being offered free socks, Udemy credits, phone cases, and 1TB of Google storage over a period of two years in a Reddit thread. However, others claim they have not been rewarded by their partners. Others in the same thread believe the reduced perks are part of a crackdown on Maps fraud. A solution to this dilemma is possible, given frustration with Local Guides abusing the system in order to increase their points.

Apparently, Google suggests that badges are a way for Guides to be recognized for their contributions, so, for those who are proud of their local knowledge, the badge could be enough.

Use Google Local Guide reviews to your advantage!

The good part is that you can buy local guide reviews and enjoy the advantages it offers in terms of making earning a good reputation and gaining credible recommendations. Just like you can buy Yelp reviews or reviews for any other platform, you can buy local guide reviews aswell. Simply connect with us and we’ll help you get positive reviews for your business.


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