Get Online Customer Reviews For Your Local Business

How To Get Online Customer Reviews For Your Local Business


Your Google Business Profile is a powerful tool that enables customers to discover your presence on Google Search and Maps. Additionally, it showcases reviews from satisfied customers, bolstering your business’s reputation and assisting potential clients in making informed decisions. 

In today’s era, online reviews significantly influence consumer buying choices. This is hardly surprising since they offer genuine and candid perspectives that no advertising effort can truly emulate.

Customer reviews have become the modern version of telling someone about a business through word of mouth.  These people have the power to improve or hurt the reputation of a local business, which can have a big effect on its sales.

If you remain skeptical about the significance of online reviews for small enterprises, consider the following crucial statistics related to customer feedback:

These online reviews play a pivotal role in validating the quality of your products or services, showcasing your expertise, and nurturing trust. Hence, it is of utmost importance for local businesses to buy GMB positive reviews to establish a solid online presence.

Here are 7 approaches that you can use to get online reviews for your business.

1. Gather Email Addresses During the Checkout Process

Requesting the customer’s email address and phone number when they purchase represents a significant step toward securing a review from them.

When people give a business their contact information, it usually means they had a good experience and want to tell others.

If you have their email address, send a polite follow-up message a week later to ask for an honest review of your business.

Please note: Always ensure that you review and adhere to the most up-to-date official guidelines from the review platform regarding soliciting reviews:

– Refer to Google’s guidelines on acquiring reviews.

– Consult Yelp’s recommendations on obtaining reviews.

– Familiarize yourself with TrustPilot’s policies on requesting reviews.

2. Utilize In-Store Signage to Foster Reviews

As a local business with a physical storefront, you can employ in-store promotional materials to encourage customer reviews. These materials may be banners, flyers, brochures, and window clings.

Consider including a review request at the bottom of customer receipts as an additional prompt for potential customers to leave a review.

Moreover, installing a self-service kiosk with an in-store application that guides patrons to a dedicated webpage on your business’s website for on-site reviews can be an effective strategy.

Alternatively, implementing a QR code that, upon scanning, directs customers to a list of review platform links will allow them to select their preferred platform for sharing their thoughts.

These visual cues convey your eagerness for and appreciation of online feedback, demonstrating your commitment to valuing customer opinions and continuously enhancing your services.

3. Verbally Express the Value of Honest Feedback

Instruct your employees to convey genuine appreciation for honest feedback, mainly when a customer appears satisfied.

This approach may not yield results if a constant stream of customers and the individual at the counter simply repeat a generic “Please review us” message to everyone.

Once a rapport is established, a friendly staff member can suggest, “We would appreciate a review for <business name>.”

In such instances, the request for a review will come across as sincere rather than overbearing.

Remember that this guidance pertains to both in-store personnel and those providing online or phone support.

Note: Still don’t know how to boost your online listing? Read this Complete Guide To Boosting Your Google Business Profile

4. Provide Future Purchase Incentives

While your most dedicated customers might already be spreading the word about your brand to their friends and family, others may require a gentle push to encourage them to write reviews.

An effective way to achieve this is by offering them discounts, coupons, or other incentives in exchange for feedback.

It’s important to note that Google disapproves of fake reviews and any form of engagement it deems inauthentic.

This doesn’t mean you can’t offer incentives or offer them in exchange for positive reviews. You will still follow the rules if you give a two-star reviewer the same coupon as a five-star writer.

5. Incorporate Review Reminders into Your Website

Enhancing the accessibility of the review-writing process for your customers significantly increases the likelihood of garnering more reviews. This may seem common sense, yet numerous businesses fail to streamline their customers’ procedures, including asking for a review from happy customers.

The truth is that many individuals refrain from leaving reviews because they don’t want to invest time in figuring out how to do it. They might know how to do it but do not want to because they think it will be too hard.

So, making it easy for your customers to give you helpful feedback is very important. Use call-to-action buttons and discreet pop-ups on your website to direct them to your Yelp or Google Business Profile review page.

Consider employing a direct link generator tool such as Supple to create a unique Google review link for your business, which can be emailed to your customers. Clicking on this link will take customers to your Google Business Profile URL, where they can effortlessly compose and submit their reviews.

Don’t anticipate that your customers will navigate a complex process to write reviews, as it’s highly improbable that they will.

6. Harness the Power of Social Media

Utilize popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to pose targeted queries about your company’s performance.

Engage your interested followers by guiding them to express their thoughts through reviews on their preferred review platform.

For instance, if you manage a restaurant, you could casually inquire if there’s a previous menu item that your followers fondly remember and would love to see reinstated. Subsequently, encourage patrons to include these preferences when they write a review to show their support for its return.

This strategy encourages customers to share delightful experiences through reviews, enhancing your brand’s social media presence and engagement.

There are many review platforms where customers leave reviews on a product or service they have used. Many businesses request loyal customers to review their experience with the company on review sites. It is because if a business has more customer reviews, it becomes easier for the business to rank in search engine results. 

7. Responding to Reviews with Thoughtfulness

No matter how hectic your schedule, you must acknowledge those who take the time to review your business. While maintaining a human touch in your brand’s responses is crucial, even a simple, prompt “thank you” can foster customer loyalty.

In essence, your replies should be tailored and uniquely expressed. When customers observe that you address every review, positive or negative, it conveys a genuine concern for consumer opinions, thus encouraging new customers to share their experiences.

Negative reviews should not dishearten you; they contribute to the authenticity of your brand. An absence of any critical feedback can raise suspicions about the credibility of all reviews.

Here are some critical guidelines for handling negative reviews:

1. Respond promptly to a negative review.

2. Acknowledge any mistakes.

3. Diplomatically present your perspective.

4. Offer a sincere and personal apology, even if you believe you’re not at fault.

5. Provide an immediate solution or compensation (like a refund or voucher).

6. Suggest moving the conversation offline if tensions escalate.

7. Utilize negative reviews to enhance your business and demonstrate your dedication to customer satisfaction.

8. Revisit your approach to address the root cause of the issue.

In summary, adhere to the golden rule of review responses: always respond and do so with empathy and professionalism.

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