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How To Combat Negative Reviews On Trustpilot

Trustpilot reviews

Trustpilot reviews can make or break your business reputation. No matter how good you are, one negative review can turn the tide against you.

Don’t underestimate the power of customer reviews!!!!

Reviews are a very crucial factor that can influence the decision-making power of the customer. You might feel all thrilled and enthralled with the idea of getting some good reviews from your customers.

In a perfect world, your customers have all the good things to say about you. But, hey!!! Welcome to the reality, this is not a perfect world and you are not immune to negative reviews that can tarnish the hard-earned business reputation in the blink of an eye.

What makes the situation worrisome is the fact that these negative reviews are not always made by your critics or a dissatisfied customer.

Most of the time, it is your competitors who would play dirty to malign your business reputation with a fake review on trust pilot. In such a case, tacking these negative reviews becomes the foremost responsibility for any business owner.

You need to know that Trustpilot reviews affect the purchasing decisions of 67.7 % of consumers. This means that you can lose this percent of customers if you fail to combat these negative reviews.

Now, you would be wondering what is Trustpilot? Well, if you don’t know, Trustpilot is a platform where customers post their reviews for various businesses.

This platform can be both heaven and hell for business owners, but it all would depend on the customer reviews about your business.

How can these negative Trustpilot reviews affect your Business?

Let’s first understand the impact of these negative Trustpilot reviews:-

a) Influence the revenue collection

It is not rocket science to understand the impact of a negative review on revenue collection. Negative reviews can repel your potential customer, and once there is no one to buy your product or services, your business would automatically face the loss.

Here is a quick fact- Forbes has reported that about 94% of consumers avoid a business with bad reviews.

b) Harm the Business Reputation

Negative reviews can harm your business reputation, you might take them lightly, but your potential customer read them and take the customer reviews very seriously. About 50% of consumers have accepted that negative reviews make them lose trust over any product or service. These negative reviews are going to harm the company’s reputation and affect your business.

Irrespective of the fact that these negative reviews on Trustpilot could be fake and posted by your competitors, the potential customer is unaware of this foul play and assume them true.

c) Repel your customer

Would you like to attract or repel your potential customer? Of course, no one would like to choose the latter! However, when you have negative reviews, you involuntarily tend to drive the customer away.

Even some researches have proved that a negative review drives away 22% of your potential customers.

These potential customers have not interacted with your services or have not used the products, they are going to rely predominantly on the customer reviews before making any buying decision. Whether they will take the final call of choosing you or not would depend on the reviews.

Now that you have got a better idea about how these negative reviews on Trustpilot can make a difference, Let’s get started with the part where you can find a way to tackle such negative reviews.

d) Be prompt at responding!

Whenever you encounter any situation where you get some negative reviews, you should never freak out! Yes, this is the first thing to do.

Don’t freak out, don’t ignore!

The first reaction of most business owners is that they try to ignore such negative reviews and don’t reply to them. But no, this is a very harmful practice to follow. Ignoring them would not do any good!

It is better to respond to both negative and positive reviews with the same patience and optimism.

Here is another quick fact to make you happy-

‘Forbes suggested that 45% of consumers will visit a store that responds to negative reviews. Yes, this can give you some relief because if you can handle the negative reviews, you can make a very good impression on your customers.

 e) Say sorry if required

There is no way to get those reviews deleted, the only thing that you can do in this situation is to apologize for the inconvenience that has been caused and promise to work on the issue. Stay professional and be empathic while responding to any negative review.

Your response can make a difference, responding to any negative review with a positive mind set will make the potential customer think that you care for your customer and stay attentive to their needs.

f) Offer a solution in the reply

You can continue the conversation thread and provide them with a solution or offer to fix their problem. You can ask them to call you or send an email to resolve the situation. Show that you are genuinely sorry and ready to fix their problems. This can help you build a good image among your potential customer.

g) Encourage positive reviews

Another way to stop these negative reviews from stealing away your glory is by flooding the review section with positive reviews. You can buy Trustpilot reviews to make things easy for you.

There is not any guarantee that your customers would say only the good things about you. In this case, you cannot take a chance, and thus it is advisable to buy positive Trustpilot reviews.

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