How to become a Google Local Guide? Find out the benefits and Perks!

How to Become a Google Local Guide: Benefits and Perks

Google Local Guide

As per the management of online reviews has been completely taken by Review Response Team, the increase of Local Guide has been noticed so far. What are Local Guides? What are their role and responsibilities?

We are glad you asked these questions!

In this blog, we will share information, stats and other precise data on “Local guide” and how you can become one!

What is a Google Local Guide?

A Google Local Guide is a Google User that takes initiation in activity that rewards them for consistent contributions to Google Maps. Google Local Guides are the power users of Google Maps. They help in the enhancement of online local experience by posting reviews, sharing pictures, correcting and editing innumerable entries on Google Maps.

However, Google is well-known as the leader when it comes to local search including the customer reviews stats showing the number of about 57.5% of all online reviews.

Can I Become a Google Local Guide?

The process and steps for becoming Google Local Guide is as simple as visiting the Local Guide site and clicking the Join button on the top of the screen. Once you are sure you are signed in to your Google Account, you will be asked to select your city and check the boxes confirming the following mentioned three things:

  • You are eighteen years old or above
  • Read and confirm the rules and regulations of Local Guide program
  • Agree to receive emails from the program

Once you are done with these functions, you can further click on “Sign Up” button and wait for Google to confirm your entry into the program.

Despite of the age limit, there are two scenarios for anyone who wants to become a local guide or step into this specific category. First, the program is only available where Google Maps are presented. As it signifies, Google says, Maps are available in 40 countries and languages. The second criteria lie for only individuals not for the businesses. This makes sure, contributions from local Guides are true to the experience and avoids potential manipulation of the submitted data by any business or brand.

Google local guide write reviews, share photos, add or edit business data and check facts, descriptions on Google Maps. Well, joining the Local guide program is quick and simple, so you can be earning points and gaining google local guide benefits from your Google contributions in just minutes. So, gear up together and know how to make Google Maps a better place for business information.

Creating and Managing List

Once Guides reach level four, they can begin adding list. These lists may consider favorite places, destinations the guide plans to make a visit and locations that are saved.

As the expectation might exist, each list a Google Guide adds must meet specific needs. For publication eligibility, Google Guide’s list must have

  • 1. A title
  • 2. Include at least four places
  • 3. Be shared publicly

Google Local Guides Perks

One aspect that draws Google Guides appealing to its members in the perks. However, these can vary from time to time, incentives examples include:

  • Early access to new Google products
  • Free music trials
  • Discounted video services
  • Storage space
  • Partner perks
  • Digital newspaper subscriptions
  • T-shirts and socks

How Do Google Guides Points Work?

Community members can get started with their work at level one and can work their way up to level 10 that offers a maximum of 100,000 points.

In order to ensure that Guide play by the rules, Google will close an account if a Guide breaks the program policies.

Few violations that might get a guide removed from the program include-

  • Participating as a business
  • Duplicating reviews
  • Spamming the site
  • Posting offensive content
  • Adding inaccurate information
  • Including unnecessary keywords

Benefit your Business Via Google Local Guide Rewards

Being a business owner, you may be wondering how Google Local Guides can help you!

Let’s get started with the most pivotal elements for businesses today and get found online.

Google Local Guide Increases Visibility

With ongoing demand of customers searching for local businesses and mobile search on the rise, increased visibility is more critical than ever before.

This is what can help your Google Guides compile prove invaluable to your business and potentially helps the local search rankings.

According to the Google My Business Insights Study, high quality images are vital to your listing. The survey showed that profile with more images receive increased clicks, queries and inquiries for directions.

Have a look on the stats mentioned below-

  • 520% more calls than average
  • 2,717% more direction requests
  • 1,065% more website clicks

From image-rich Google My Business profiles, the research suggests numerous search benefits!

Businesses and firms with more than 100 images received-

  • 960% more search views
  • 3459% more map reviews
  • 1038% more direct searches


Insisting your customers to write a google local guide review for your business is no more a doddle thing to do. Though, it can be quite challenging! With just a few key points keeping in mind, you can let your customers share their feedback with you. Head on to know-how!

With every review posted on your page, you can thank your customers for taking out their time and writing review. Be grateful to your customers always!

Imply Customers’ Negative Feedback into Selling Goods

There is also a purpose for bad feedback posted by your customers. The motive lies behind leaving their experiences and tackling problems they suffered to avoid further bad reviews coming your way.
For every business, unhappy customers who provide negative feedback must be seen as a chance. Rather, we come across innumerable, why did customer post a bad review!

However, those are the people who came to you, made a contact with your company and hired you for their work completion. They have full right to share their experiences or problems they had to face while getting in touch with you expecting you will rectify the mistake and resolve their issue as soon as possible. Such feedback must be valued more than the thankful feedback posted by one.


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