Houzz vs. HomeAdvisor review: All You Should Know About Them

Houzz vs. HomeAdvisor Review: Everything You Need to Know

Houzz vs. HomeAdvisor review

Are you a contractor who is struggling to find more leads or a homeowner who is searching for a contractor?

Well, what if we tell you that there’s a platform that acts as a bridge to gap the difference between the homeowner and the contractors! Yes, you read it right and if you are still unaware of this amazing platform then you are probably missing out on something great. If you find out that something great then it is enough to kick start your business and help you find more leads! Sounds alluring, right?

Houzz and HomeAdvisor are two such platforms that have emerged as a blessing in disguise for both homeowners and the contactors.

Feeling intrigued? Have some appetite for more? Let’s give you a better insight into Houzz and HomeAdvisor.

Read each word of this blog very carefully if you are a contractor who is planning to boost the business, or if you are a homeowner who wants to find a contractor who would offer you the best services at the desired rate, in either case, be attentive!!!

What is HomeAdvisor and what makes it so great?

Let’s face it, the struggle of finding a contractor or any other professional who could help you with your house is a tough and tiresome job. And just when you get all workup after shortlisting the contractors, you start to struggle with their credibility and service quality.

It is not easy to find that one contractor who would not only offer you the best service but would also do it at a desirable charge. The struggle is real! After all, it is your house, you cannot just let any random contractor take the project and do the task. This is why you have to put some extra effort to find a suitable person or a company to take the charge.

So, the question remains the same, how would HomeAdvisor help?

Before jumping into the answer, let’s first understand what is HomeAdvisor-

HomeAdvisor is a platform that connects the homeowners with contractors and other professionals would perform the home improvement work. The project could vary from anything ranging from carpentry, plumbing, house cleaning, or even foundation crack repair.
HomeAdvisor offers a true cost guide that provided cost information for any type and kind of home project.

All this information has just benefited the homeowners till now. Right? Let’s discuss how it is a great platform from a business perspective.

How HomeAdvisor is good for your business!

HomeAdvisor is one of the easiest and convenient platforms for contractors to meet their potential customers. Having good reviews about your business would do what ‘Word of mouth’ has done for traditional marketing. Your potential customer would like to know the service quality that you offer, and while they won’t accept everything that you will say about yourself, they will believe the reviews left by the users! What your customers say about you will make or break your business reputation and potential on this platform.

This platform offers you an opportunity to create a personalized page to promote and showcase your business.

You can display the services and charges to attract the customer. And while your profile is on display to all the other users, the HomeAdvisor reviews are also there! You can gain more trust and credulity for your business when your business is listed with HomeAdvisor. However, one factor that can influence the decision-making process of your potential customer is the ‘Customer Review’.

Benefits of Home Advisor-

This platform offers credibility to your business as it requires a background check! This gives the users peace of mind that they are opting for a reliable business. The other factor that makes it so dependable among the users is the fact that it does not prioritize any kind of paid listing. There is no shortcut to be on the top!

Only good reviews can help you reach that position. Talking about reviews, HomeAdvisor has approximately 116,000 reviews for professionals. Only those with positive HomeAdvisor reviews can make their way to the top.

Some cons of HomeAdvisor

No one is perfect after all!

Yes, this platform has some cons as well. For instance, if you are searching for a contractor then you would have to answer a series of questions that is a bit irritating. You might get frustrated with the calls from these contractors (but on the positive side, you are getting several calls from the business that seek you).

Now, let’s talk about Houzz

Houzz connects you to the people who are keen to remodel or decorate their houses. If you are an industry professional who can perform any or all of the tasks that revolve around remodeling and decorating the house, then Houzz is the platform for you.

Houzz offers product links and design inspiration as it connects you with the experts who would work on your house.

As a customer, you can easily search for the style that you like and can search for a professional who would help you implement that style. The platform offers a space for the users to save all of their home decoration or remodeling ideas. After saving these ideas, you can search for a person or business who can help you bring that idea to reality. You can also check out Houzz reviews before taking the final decision.

Using Houzz for your business

This is the best platform to enhance the visibility and credibility of your business. You get to display your work to attract more customers. While you cannot talk to the service providers directly, you can share or initiate discussion regarding any home décor tips.

Pros and Cons of Houzz

The benefit of this platform is that it allows users to browse the list of service providers. Consumers can post reviews and thus the success of your business is dependent on it.

Moreover, as far as the cons are concerned, Houzz has no mechanism or process of verification. Unlike HomeAdvisor, you can buy your way to the top because Houzz accepts paid listings. Not only this but your contact details are also shared as a lead.

Want to enhance your business on these platforms?

Irrespective of the pros and cons offered by these two platforms, one thing remains the same and that is ‘Customer Reviews’. Moreover, just in case you want to get some positive reviews on HomeAdvisor and Houzz, you can get in touch with us!


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