HomeLight Tips for Agents: 7 Tricks You Probably Didn't Know!

HomeLight Tips for Agents: 7 Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know!


Agents are in control of their HomeLight experience because the platform emphasizes performance metrics. With the ability to earn referrals based on merit, you have the ability to demonstrate how you are a great agent. You need to understand the relevance and usage of this platform if you aim to make your business successful. Not everyone can make it to the top as not everyone has the right knowledge to do so.

Apart from spending on homelight customer reviews, there is a lot more you can do to make best use of this platform to promote your business. Here’s how you can do it at your benefit.

Ensure that Homelight represents you appropriately by providing us with transaction information

You can demonstrate to a client you are a top-performing agent if you have a significant transaction history. Your input would help the platform ensure your profile displays an accurate representation of the transactions you closed in the past, however. As a client, you have the right to provide them with a full transaction history in order for them to accurately represent the experience you’ve had.

Create a HomeLight agent profile that highlights your strengths and experience

To demonstrate why you’re the best fit for your clients, data only tells half the story. Statistics can’t always reveal an agent’s strengths and assets. Thus, you will be able to share what makes you different from other top-performing agents.

Improve your success rate by responding faster to referrals and reviews

We have found that the faster you respond to clients and consider realtor ratings, the more likely it is you’ll connect with them and be able to work together. If you call in the first five minutes, you’re 100 times more likely to speak with a HomeLight referral than if you wait an hour. If you’re unable to respond in time (make use of the vacation setting as needed to build your track record!), speak with your HomeLight account executive so they can advise you.

Get your referral pipeline updated on the go with HomeLight’s mobile app

Agents using HomeLight’s mobile app can accept referrals and work with them in an efficient manner. In addition to alerting agents to new referrals, the app also allows them to communicate directly with clients.

During your vacation, stop sending referrals

Vacationing? Nothing to worry about. Sometimes we all need a break. Homelight has created a vacation setting to prevent referrals when you are out of town (or simply too busy). Because of this, being away or declining referrals will not penalize you.

Create a personalized first impression for your clients

A client who is matched with you online will see a snapshot of your profile and a brief message written by your agent. To make a lasting impression, tailor your greeting right down to the comma, and make sure your clients are hooked from the beginning. Furthermore, mention that you’ve been referred by HomeLight. You will inform your clients of the reason for your contact that way.

Displaying your HomeLight profile and personal website with the ‘Best of HomeLight’ award will help generate traffic

To recognize agents who perform at or above the top 5% in their local area or nationwide, HomeLight announced its first annual Best of HomeLight awards in January. Five categories were available to agents, including Best Buyer’s Agent, Best Seller’s Agent, Best Negotiator, and Sells for More.

Agents cannot pay us to be advertised on our platform, nor do they pay us for referrals. Regardless of whether a reporter has been with us before, our results are always unbiased. Agents are solely responsible for receiving the Best of HomeLight Awards.

These emblems are always displayed prominently on your HomeLight profile, so clients can be assured that you are a top performer in and around the area.

If you were recently awarded a HomeLight Award, congratulations! You’re doing a great job! Now is the time to showcase your achievements on every available platform. Can’t figure it out? Steps to follow:

  • You can view your awards by logging in to your agent profile.
  • To share this award, click on the “share this award” link to the right of the award image.
  • The embed code should be copied and pasted into the content management system that you use to manage your website.
  • The embed code should be pasted into the „Text“ tab of a new post if you’re using WordPress.

Some more tips-
Eventually, HomeLight plans to enhance its systems to support team structures, but in the meantime, here are some ways you can boost your chances of closing a HomeLight lead if you work with a team: Despite your decision to reassign a referral to another member of your team, it is recommended that you always contact the agent whose profile appeared as the result and thereafter perform a warm transfer to the other member of your team once you have had a conversation with the client.

It creates confusion for clients when HomeLight passes them off as hot potatoes without explanation. For clients, direct involvement with the original agent is most beneficial.

In both your HomeLight profile and home listing, be sure to identify whether you are a member, a team leader, or an independent agent. Lastly, ensure that every member of your team has an active agent profile and maintains timely status updates for each referral. Your account manager can help your teammate with any questions about HomeLight or further coaching.

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