Here are the best realtor rating sites worth checking out

The Best Realtor Rating Sites Worth Checking Out


There was a time when customers looking for their dream home asked friends and family for referrals to trusted real estate agents. Today, searching for a realtor is more likely to begin online, and agents’ reviews are often the first thing buyers check out. A survey found that 62% of home buyers rely on online reviews and reviews of real estate agents when choosing a realtor. Since reviews for realtors are scattered across numerous sites, it is difficult to determine where they are found. What are the best sites to monitor online reviews for realtors? In this blog, we’ll explore various platforms for realtor ratings. If you are a real estate professional, read it thoroughly and use these platforms to get reviews for your real estate business.

Rating sites for realtors

Among Zillow’s advantages is the fact that it is designed specifically for real estate. Separate ratings are assigned depending on the degree of process expertise, local knowledge, negotiation skills, and responsiveness. Additionally, the reviews are broken down by zip code, which is not available on most other real estate websites. It is necessary for the user to create an account on Zillow before posting a review. The step cut down on fraudulent reviews.

When it comes to real estate agent ratings, Yelp usually comes to mind first. The chances are good that Yelp will appear on the first page of Google search results when you look for realtor reviews. When people search for you on Google, they will see orange stars next to your name since Google pulls ratings from Yelp. Yelp also offers a way to remove fraudulent reviews. Be sure that your Yelp profile is complete so that potential clients can read your reviews and ratings when they see your profile. You can also connect with friends and have them recommend your business on Yelp.

Here comes Google, the giant search engine. Some believe that Google reviews are more like Yelp reviews because any business can be reviewed on their platform. Google reviews can be posted by anyone with a Google account. Whenever a person searches for realtors, they will see their listings on the right side of the page. When everything is configured properly, searchers will see alongside the listing a star rating with the hyperlinked words “X Google reviews.” By clicking on the hyperlink, they can read user reviews of the realtor.
This is the official website of the National Association of Realtors featuring land, homes, and rental listings. The information is gathered from MLS. There are specific rating categories for realtors, such as market expertise, overall rating, responsiveness, professionalism, communication skills, and negotiation skills. You can find information about the local housing market, market trends, currently available homes, and school ratings at

The growing popularity of Facebook has prompted realtors to create a Facebook page that allows consumers to recommend local real estate agents. Having the reviewer’s name on hand makes it possible to determine how you can improve your services. The page reviews should also appear in the Google search results. With Facebook being so easy to access, you can easily ask your customers for reviews.

You can use some of these platforms to boost your real estate business and find some customers. You can create a positive impression and gain the trust of potential customers by getting positive reviews. These are the fundamental reasons why your business needs reviews on these platforms. By buying reviews from us, you can eliminate the time-consuming process of asking your customers for feedback. You can buy Houzz reviews or any online platform.


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