Google reviews just dropped? Find the reason here

Google Reviews Just Dropped? Find Out Why

Google Reviews Just Dropped

Have you noticed that some of your customers’ reviews don’t appear on Google? The reason for this can be several. Let’s discuss how you can fix the problem and some of the possibilities.

Is your business location TOO far away from where you wrote your review?

Set up a Google My Business account if you sell products locally and also ship products across the country or world. Google My Business requires you to tell it where your products are shipped from within the account. If you are delivering goods to your customers, make sure you set up the states and/or countries from which you will ship your products. Reviews will stop being flagged by Google from all over the country (or the world). In the event that you buy online reviews, make sure to ask the review provider to use the profiles with relevant location information.

Is your business receiving a lot of reviews recently?

Spam detection may be triggered if a large number of new reviews are posted on your Google My Business page very quickly. Your Google My Business page gets hammered with 50 new reviews overnight, and you have a backlog of 500 customers to reach out to, you’ll sound the alarm. That’s why we suggest keeping the drip-feed to 3-5 reviews per week only.

Are all your reviews the same?

In the event that all your reviews come from accounts with profile images, and all your reviews use the same grammar, capitalization, and mention your brand by name, spam alarms are likely to go off. You should ask for reviews on Google, but do not over-coach customers or provide them with pre-made reviews or templates. A perfect review looks suspicious. Think like a customer! They are writing a review, not their English exam, and Google knows it well!

There could be problems with your listing on Google My Business

Google My Business listing issues could be preventing your reviews from appearing.
Inaccurate Listing Information

Your business may suffer from negative reviews if your listing information is incorrect. This can affect your SEO as well. It’s a simple matter of editing the information on your Google My Business profile.

The following steps will help you refresh your Google My Business listing.

  • In your GMB profile, go to the “Info” section.
  • To access your listing address, click on the icon.
  • There should be a pop-up window. Move the map icon to the right, but make sure it stays in the right place.
  • Hit the “Apply” button when you’re finished.

Having duplicate listings for businesses

Make sure your Google Maps listing is not duplicated. There is a possibility that customers posted reviews on duplicate listings.

It is crucial that you delete the duplicate business listing right away if it turns out to be the issue. As well as losing reviews, it only confuses your customers. You can contact us if you want to get rid of spam listings. We offer services that can help you remove such fake GMBs.

There is no activity on the listings

When was the last time you logged in to Google My Business? If Google’s business listing has not been verified, there is a chance of this happening. According to Google, businesses that have been inactive on Google My Business for more than six months will be unverified.

In order to collect reviews, you must regain your verification, as well as so that you can edit your Google My Business listings and respond to Google reviews. If your Google My Business account has fallen dormant, contact Google support or use our services. We can ensure it stays active.

These are some basic and reasonable reasons to explain why your reviews keep dropping.

You can contact us if you want to get the issues resolved. In most cases, GMB optimization services would be all that you’ll need to fix it. Not having an active GMB or a fresh GMB, and getting a lot of reviews can bring your listing under Google’s radar. You can buy reviews but if your GMB listing is not ‘good enough, all your effort would be wasted.


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