Getting started with Local Services Ads? Here’s everything you need to know

Starting with Local Services Ads? Here’s What You Need to Know

Local Services Ads

Local Services Ads by Google (LSA) have changed how home service businesses advertise online. Small and medium-sized businesses can compete more effectively with large brands and massive budget operations by using a pay-per-lead system that will provide them with quick and trusted experiences.

The benefits of local service ads

  • Rank high on Google.
  • Find customers who are searching for your services and are likely to book.
  • Pay for only leads that pertain to your company and services.
  • Only people who have specifically selected your profile out of all the rest get in touch with you.

The differences between LSAs review and a GMB review

There are two ways in which LSA reviews can be found: either directly from the LSA profile or from a GMB listing linked to the LSA. It is not necessary to have a GMB listing in order to run LSA ads. Nonetheless, for your LSA ad to appear, you will need a minimum of three reviews, whether they are GMB reviews or LSA reviews.

Your LSA account can be tied to your GMB listing if you have reviews. It is possible to solicit reviews from your clients for your GMB listing if it has no reviews.

It is not necessary to have a GMB listing for your LSA ad to go live. A custom URL for LSA reviews is provided by Google for your LSA profile, which you can send to your clients.

You need to have at least a 3.0/5.0 average rating from all your reviews, whether they are on your GMB profile or on your LSA profile.

Adding LSA reviews to your GMB profile is advantageous regardless of whether you have an associated GMB profile.

  • You are protected if your GMB profile is suspended or removed if you have Local Services Ads reviews. Your GMB reviews would also disappear if your GMB profile disappeared, leaving your ad with no reviews and ratings. You would then be in violation of the LSA’s requirement that at least one review be done. LSAs are audited by the Google Review Team, and if your GMB profile was not restored or you had no direct LSA review before then, your ad would be removed. You would continue to run your LSA ad if you had an LSA review if your GMB profile was removed or suspended.
  • Providing the job was booked through your LSA, you can label your LSA reviews as “Google verified jobs.”. GMB would not allow you to label your LSA reviews as fake.
  • LSA reviewers can post their reviews anonymously, which could be valuable for certain types of clients, for example, criminal defendants .LSA verified reviews are shown above GMB reviews, regardless of when the review was posted.

Why reviews are important for LSAs?

Consumers spend an average of 13 minutes and 45 seconds reading reviews before making a buying decision. Let’s talk about why reviews are important for LSAs.

Reviews are generally important. Having positive reviews can boost your credibility and build client trust. People may also decide whether they want to hire you based on customer reviews.

The number of reviews on your LSAs is one of the seven ranking factors that determine how your LSAs will show up and perform. LSA rankings are determined by both your review rating and the number of reviews you receive. The higher your rating and the more reviews you receive, the more likely you are to convert leads through your Local Services Ads by Google.

Verified LSA reviews get higher priority than GMB reviews, i.e., they appear above GMB reviews regardless of their posting date.

Verified LSA reviews should be prioritized

With the rating and number of reviews prominently displayed on your LSA ad, one of the first things professionals see when researching your firm on Google is the rating and number of reviews. In the Reviews section of your LSA business profile, prospective clients can read more detailed reviews of your firm. Reviews have been one of the defining factors in clients’ decisions about which lawyer or law firm to hire, in addition to LSA rankings. Don’t ignore the importance of getting more and better reviews. Law firms with LSA ads should prioritize obtaining Google verified job reviews through their LSA account over seeking and obtaining Google verified job reviews for their GMB profiles.

How to Get LSA Reviews

Your clients can provide you with reviews in a few ways:

Reviews from verified LSA clients

  • Through LSA Account App or Desktop Dashboard is available: Sign in to your LSA account (desktop or app) to invite your clients to leave a Verified LSA client review. Then you will ask your clients to leave you a review by entering their e-mail addresses.
  • Using your leads page: Mark your leads as booked, and authorize Google to send your client a link to leave you a verified LSA review. If your client agrees to receive this email request from Google, you will need to provide their email address.
  • From Reviews Page: On the “Reviews” page, click on the “Ask for a Review” button (you can also click on the relevant link next to each job). If you choose this option, you will need to provide your client’s email address and confirm that your client has agreed to receive this email request from Google. (Only available for US & Canada)

Reviews from non-verified clients

  • From LSA Business Profile: Ask clients who didn’t book through your LSA for reviews. By clicking “Add a Review” in the “Reviews” section of your LSA business profile, they can leave a review.
  • By using Google’s LSA custom URL: Your clients will receive a direct link to your Google LSA custom URL.

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