Get more Zillow reviews and leads. Here's how to do it

Get more Zillow reviews and leads. Here’s how to do it

Get more Zillow reviews and leads

To generate more reviews and client leads, real estate agents are utilizing Zillow home buying reviews and other online review sources such as and search engines. Still, it does not matter if the agent is listed on Zillow,, or even on Google, agents with good reviews are seen and selected much more frequently. Thus, reviews are an important factor to consider.

You can optimize your internet leads generation from Zillow reviews and other reviews by following these techniques to systematize the client review process.

Start by Setting Your Expectations

Zillow reviewers begin by obtaining five-star reviews at the first buyer consultation. Mention subliminally what you intend to provide a high level of customer service and ask your clients to let you know if they do not feel that they are receiving it. Review on Zillow is a great way to understand and address your customers’ needs.

Remind During The Transaction

While completing a transaction, clients should be reminded of their five-star standards and goals. When the time is right, ask every client for a “five-star” review after the property appraises, and especially at closing if they’re getting “five-star” service from you. Furthermore, agents are held accountable for delivering customer service at these high standards if they mention this high standard repeatedly to clients! Don’t forget to leverage the potential of Zillow offers reviews, you can use that to your advantage as well.

Send an Email to Follow Up

Send a link to your Zillow review page to your clients when they close on their home purchase or sale. Personalizing the second and fourth sentences of an email’s body content is also a good idea. The majority of the content should be in a form template you can send to each client upon closing a deal.

Advance The Process By Systematizing It

When you ask for a good review on Zillow from your most satisfied clients and closest friends, you will not get big results. The key for top producers is to implement a systematic process that will generate consistent results quickly instead. A real estate agent’s transaction checklist should include items such as getting disclosures signed and putting up signs, as well as verbal and email attempts to mention and encourage client reviews. Before a transaction file can be closed, confirmation of a completed review must be provided. If you’re still having trouble, call or send an email with the link.

What Zillow Agent Profiles Can Do for Consumers

Agent profiles on Zillow provide details about a particular agent’s experience, competence, and level of service. Zillow provides this information under “agent profiles” on its website, found at the top of the page.

  • Agent activity can be measured by past sales, particularly recent sales, and current listings. Agents with more experience are more likely to be full-time professionals.
  • In addition to past sales, past sales also reveal the price range and geographical area in which the agent operated.
  • An agent’s price history can provide insight into how long it took them to sell properties and whether they hiked or lowered the prices.
  • Customer reviews of an agent’s relationship with clients and other agents give valuable insight into the agent’s approach to clients and colleagues. A detailed, descriptive review is more useful than a summary in which enthusiasm and generalities are emphasized but specifics are not provided.

Frequently Asked Questions about Real Estate Agents

Zillow agent profiles can be used to research real estate agents, so buyers and sellers can interview several of them. The following questions can provide useful information about each agent.

  • Are you capable of representing my interests throughout the sale? Agents who agree to fiduciary representation may later switch to transactional brokerage or dual agency because they want to work with the other party as well.
  • Can the agent delegate much work to their colleagues in their firm or will they be working directly with consumers?
  • Despite this being a complex issue, it is strongly recommended that you do not sign an exclusive agreement for more than six months.

A seller should also consider:

  • Customer reviews of an agent’s relationship with clients and other agents give valuable insight into the agent’s approach to clients and colleagues. A detailed, descriptive review is more useful than a summary in which enthusiasm and generalities are emphasized but specifics are not provided.
  • When a property’s sale price is much higher or lower than those of similar properties, an explanation should be sought.
  • Property improvements recommended by the agent: What improvements would the agent recommend and why? Referrals from well-versed property owners are best.
  • It is crucial that the property be listed immediately on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). In the absence of a buyer, the agents must search for one among their clients or clients of their firm, posing a conflict of interest.
  • While there is uniformity in commission rates (as reported by many studies including CFAs) sellers may be able to negotiate a lower rate, especially if the sale price is high, they are selling and buying different properties with the same agent, or they recruit and work with the buyer. It is important, though, that any rate reduction comes from the listing agent’s split, not that of buyer agents who then may have less incentive to show the property.

In addition, buyers should ask: Will you show me properties that you and your firm have not listed?

Listing agents have a responsibility to sell the properties they represent, and their firms encourage and sometimes incentivize them to do so. It limits buyer access to all available homes and could result in higher sales prices if the listings are promoted. This was all about the functional aspect of Zillow.

As for the agents who want to get more leads through this amazing platform, the best way is to get as many positive Zillow home buying reviews as possible.

Reviews are an effective way to win your customers’ trust and gain credibility for your business. It is going to help you get more customers as now even the ones who have not dealt with you would trust you, provided you have positive reviews.


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