Do you post the reviews from aged and reputed profiles?

Yes, the profiles that we use for posting the reviews are aged and have a lot of activity. These are atleast 5-8 year aged profiles along with a local guide status-level 4 to 6

Do you have profiles from all around the world?

We cover most of the US locations along with UK/AU and other European locations as well. Contact us and we will be able to cater to your local area profiles.

What if some personal information about my business gets disclosed?

No, we ensure complete privacy of our clients. We will never disclose information about you or the business you’re availing the services for. Our clients safety is a major concern for us!

Will the reviews be written by some professional?

Yes, the reviews are written by our professional writers. In facts, before posting, the reviews will be sent over to you through email for your approval. Despite this, if you want us to post your own content, you can send it over to us.

Do the accounts look real?

Yes, the accounts definitely look real as all the accounts have profile pictures and profile information. Not only this, but the accounts also have social activities that make the accounts look genuine.

Will your reviews tamper my business safety in any way?

No, there’s no case that can compromise your business safety. We work on the principle of full client privacy and non-disclosure irrespective of the situation. We do not offer any service that has a chance of harming your business.

How do you post the reviews?

Usually, we post the reviews at particular gaps. For instance, 1 review a day or 3 reviews every week with a random gap, etc. Your requirements are the biggest concern for us and we make sure that we post the reviews in a way required by you. Drip feed posting is also available.

What If I have more queries?

We believe in making a customer and not a sale. Keeping this in a mind, we are always there to help our customers. In case of any issue, our support team is available 24*7 to help you out.

Can you attach images with reviews?

Yes, If you provide us with images(Not from google). We can attach it with reviews.

Can you provide reviews from our choice of client name?

Yes, We can. You can give us names of your choice and we will post reviews from that name profile.

Can google delete the review posted by you?

There are chances of removal in certain circumctances.

  • You have reviews only on google but none on yelp, facebook etc.
  • If the same review appears on facebook, Yelp chances of removal is more.
  • IP is same of handling email of GMB and person posting review.
  • Two or more reviews written from same IP.
  • Multiple attempts of posting same review.
  • Suddenly large number of reviews are posted for your business.
  • In your area business of same type have less reviews and you have more reviews. Chances of removal is more.
  • Review posted from fake profiles. If there are tons of reviews on your business page from empty/fake profiles.
  • If you haven’t been active on GMB in a 6 month span.
  • If all your reviews looks and sounds same.
  • Review must not be posted on behalf of another person.
  • Offensive language not allowed.
  • Google had a glitch when updating or backing up software.