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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do You Post The Reviews From Reputed Profiles That Were Made Many Years Ago?

The profiles that we use for posting the reviews are aged and have tons of activity. These are at least 5-8 year aged profiles along with a local guide status-level of 4 to 6.

Do You Have Profiles From Across The World?

We cover most of the US locations along with the UK as well as AU locations. Contact us so that we make ourselves ready to cater to your local area profiles.

I Am Worried About My Business Information Being Disclosed.

Not really, as we ensure the complete privacy of our clients. We will never disclose information about your business and internal affairs. Our clients’ safety is our main priority.

Will The Reviews Be Written By Some Professionals?

Yes, the reviews are written by our professional writers. In fact, before posting them, the reviews will be sent over to your email for approval. Further, if you want us to post your own content, you can send it over to us.

Do The Accounts Look Real?

Yes, the accounts look real with profile pictures and required information. Not only this, but the accounts even have social activities that make them look genuine.

I Dont Want The Reviews To Hinder My Business Functionality

Nothing will compromise your business safety. We work on the principle of full client privacy and non-disclosure regardless of the things. We do not offer any service that hinders your business functionality.

How Do You Post The Reviews?

Usually, we post the reviews at particular gaps. Your requirements are the most important concern for us and we post the reviews as per your requirements only.

If I Have More Queries?

We believe in building a customer base and not just selling the services. Keeping this in a mind, we are always there to help our customers. In case of any issue, our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with the same.

Can You Attach Images With Reviews?

Yes, If you can provide us with your own images that don’t challenge the copyright of others, we can surely attach it with the reviews. These images should not be searched from Google.

Can You Provide Reviews From The Profile Of Our Choice?

Yes, We can. You can share your specific requirements that can include profile name, gender, location, profile with or without a photo, the local guide or not a local guide, age of the specific person in the profile and any other kind of information that you want to add. We will post the reviews from the profile that includes all of the above-said information.

Can Google Delete The Review Posted By You?

Yes, there can be chances of removal in the following circumstances:

  • You have reviewed only on Google but nothing is posted on Yelp, Facebook, etc.
  • If the same review appears on Facebook and other portals, the chances of removal are more.
  • If the IP is the same as handling emails of GMB and person posting reviews.
  • Two or more reviews are written from the same IP.
  • Multiple attempts to post the same review.
  • Suddenly a large number of reviews are posted for your business.
  • In your area, a business of the same type has fewer reviews and you have more reviews. Chances of removal are more.
  • If there are plenty of reviews from empty or fake profiles.
  • If all of your reviews look and sound the same.
  • The review must not be posted on behalf of another person.
  • Offensive language is strictly not allowed or else the review will be removed.
  • Any other thing which Google finds spam or not genuine.

* We take care of all the above-mentioned points and always follow Google guidelines.

Will you 'drip' post?

Yes, we do! We drip post the reviews to make your business look more authentic. The speed of review publishing plays an important role in making your business listing look authentic and we take care of that.

Do you provide just ratings or reviews as well?

We provide both. You can get high-quality reviews and good ratings for your business from us. We make sure to publish the review content as per the requirement of our clients.

Will reviews be written in native English language?

We post reviews in native English. We can publish reviews in American as well as British English with local slang to make it look more real and authentic.

Can I provide comments?

If you want us to publish the reviews using your own content, then you are welcome to provide us with the content. You can do it while placing orders for the reviews.


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