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Factors influencing TripAdvisor’s algorithm

TripAdvisor’s Algorithm

You can find reviews and information on TripAdvisor, a free travel guide and research website. There are some nifty features on TripAdvisor. With TripAdvisor, travelers can easily share their vacation videos, while travel marketers can promote their properties by highlighting their videos. They also offer a personalization tool that lets users save reviews of hotels, restaurants, and attractions to their own trip folders. By adding maps, photos, notes, and travel details, travelers can customize and expand their travel plans. Additionally, with TripAdvisor’s “Check Rates,” users can compare prices across multiple online travel sites.

This is a very crucial platform if you want to get more clients for your business. But here’s a catch! It is not easy to beat the algorithm and make your business visible to your next potential customer. You need to outrank others to gain visibility.

We can’t fully understand how TripAdvisor’s algorithm works because they won’t tell us. We do know that it ranks your business based on three factors: its quality, its recency, and the number of its reviews. These deciding factors are the reasons why business owners are so tempted to buy TripAdvisor reviews.

Let’s take a look at each aspect individually, and see why your reviews may be doing more or less than you expected.

A popularity rank is based on how frequently, how comprehensively, and how well a business receives reviews from its customers.


Each business’s quality of experience is ranked based on the ratings provided by users as part of its reviews. The business with a higher percentage of 5-bubble ratings will be ranked higher than one with a lower percentage.


The most valuable reviews are those that are recent. As a result, they provide a more accurate reflection of current business experiences. The reason is that older reviews – whether positive or negative – won’t count as much in ranking a business as reviews that were written recently. However, older reviews are still visible on each listing and in a business’s review history. Older reviews do not count as heavily in ranking.


Tripadvisor users pay close attention to the number of reviews a business has. When users see agreement among fellow travelers’ reviews across a wide range of reviews on TripAdvisor, they are more likely to believe their decisions.

To assess a business’s review quantity, we need to identify the minimum number of reviews needed to provide statistical significance for comparisons with other businesses. There isn’t any guarantee that a company will rank higher simply because it has more reviews. If a business has 1,000 reviews, it is not necessarily going to be rated higher than one that has 500 reviews and was received roughly the same amount of time earlier. We chose them because of their reviews, which are enough to make us confident in the potential travel experience they can deliver.

Popularity Ranking is an algorithm designed to provide metrics about the current experience at a company. In accumulating reviews for a business over time, we gain an understanding of the potential consumer experience. After a critical mass of reviews is achieved, we are able to predict the ranking of that business more accurately.

The Popularity Ranking has evolved over time, how so?

Our Popularity Ranking is constantly being optimized and improved in order to improve our site experience for both businesses and users. Tripadvisor ranking is extremely important to businesses. It is not taken lightly when we make changes. Specifically, they are intended to make our rankings algorithm more accurate without negatively impacting the standings of the existing businesses.

There have been recent changes in 2016 and 2018 that have sought to promote more consistency in the rankings. It has been our goal to accurately reflect a business’s performance since its inception, regardless of its size or how often reviews are collected. And just to give you a cheat code- just like you can buy Google reviews, you can buy reviews for Tripadvisor as well.

Improve your company’s popularity ranking by following these steps

Business owners who consistently collect quality reviews – that reflect levels of service and value that meet expectations – are best positioned to improve their Popularity Ranking over time. This is because the Popularity Ranking is based on user feedback.

As a result of the Popularity Ranking, the performance of each business is compared to that of other businesses in the area. A business’s ranking directly impacts its surrounding businesses as well. Several factors can play a role in the Popularity Ranking, including reviews on a specific business, and reviews that have been posted for other businesses nearby.

Cohesion: putting all the pieces together

To summarize:

  • Reviews that are positive are better than those that are negative
  • Reviews from recent times are more important than those from the past
  • It’s easier to build confidence when there are more reviews

The Popularity Ranking of a business may be determined by a combination of factors over time. Reviews over time let us determine how consistent each business is, by examining their quality and quantity. The ranking of a company whose reviews are consistently good will be higher than a company whose reviews are mixed. As with recency, quantity ties into recency – a large number of recent reviews is worth more than those that are several years old.

Get positive reviews for your business

There is no doubt about the importance of reviews. For a business, positive reviews are crucial to its success, and they should be utilized accordingly. You can anytime get in touch with us if you want to buy positive reviews for your business. You can buy Trustpilot reviews, Yelp reviews, Google reviews, and reviews for almost all the digital platforms.


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