Everything You Should Know About Branded Content

What You Should Know About Branded Content


Imagine turning on your TV and watching a guy enthusiastically endorse some laundry detergent. 

The advertisement goes like this:

“Our detergent does this, this, and this.”

Ending with a clear message:

“Buy this detergent for spotless clothes.”

Classic ad, right? 

Now tell us, does the ad ignite the urge in you to buy this product?

Absolutely no. 

Well, the example we just gave you is the problem of traditional marketing. Companies are investing a lot in their advertising campaigns and still aren’t getting any results. 

Surprisingly, viewers don’t even make it to the end of Add and Skip after 1.3 seconds.  This is where the need for “Branded Content” came in.  Branded content holds the caliber of turning a reader or viewer into your customer. 

In this guide, we will define branded content, why it matters, and how businesses can create engaging content to increase sales. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Branded Content?

Content that conveys a brand’s story and emotionally connects with the audience is termed Branded Content. Unlike traditional marketing, brand content marketing relies on unique storytelling that focuses on the brand’s values. Thus, through good entertainment, a company can educate its audience about itself at the same time. 

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, branded content is not always classic ad videos. It can also be in the form of a podcast, blog post, ebook, print piece, infographic, giveaway, ebook, video game, event, contest, full website, or any other interactive format. 

Ideal branded content always has these characteristics:

  • It focuses on the brand and not the services and products it sells.
  • It tries to communicate with the audience about the brand.
  • The audience receives some benefits from it, like entertainment, information, etc.
  • It touches the emotions of the viewers and readers, like happiness, thrill, etc., aiding a profound sense of connection.
  • It uses a compelling narrative that revolves around the brand.
  • It can be in any format, from video and audio to written content.
  • It is usually co-created with different professionals like writers, film directors, actors, etc. 

What Makes Branded Content Different From Others?

The approach for branded content is subtle compared to other marketing approaches, but it needs to be unique too. It focuses on the brand instead of what it sells. The publishing platforms can be anything from apps to landing pages, social networks, and traditional billboards. It is usually published in the form of commercials, ad banners, pop-up ads, etc. 

It is different from product placement, content marketing, and traditional advertising in several ways.

Branded Content vs. Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising focuses on the product, and branded content may not even mention the product while connecting with the audience. 

Branded Content vs. Product Placement

To understand this, go through the example we just mentioned at the start of this blog, which was all about the product. However, branded content uses storytelling, which doesn’t focus on the product but on the brand. 

You can see the example of Coca-Cola which highlights its brand story instead of directly selling the product. Here they even feature the product, but the ad wasn’t about the product at all. 

Branded Content vs. Content Marketing

Branded content is a product, or, as we can say, a type of content marketing strategy. There is no difference between the two, just that branded content is a small component of a larger content marketing plan.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Branded Content?

Many of you may be wondering why you should not directly sell the product instead of promoting the brand through branded content. Although branded content takes longer to create, it is more reliable and trustworthy for the following reasons:

Enhance Audience Reach

Storytelling has the power to grasp the audience’s attention, hold it, and entertain them all along the way. Secondly, storytelling can create an effect only if the content is interesting and resonates with the audience. These are both the core features of branded content and whenever an advertisement is created through this approach, the audience finds it engaging. 

It is quite a known fact that engaging content is always read, watched, re-watched, and shared. Thus, it helps the brands enhance their reach in no time and improve brand awareness. 

Build Trust 

When the audience hears more about the brand than its product, it gives a spotlight to your brand name. You can show the values of your brand, not what you can give them through branded content. Due to this, people will understand that you aren’t in the market for just selling but to connect with them. 

When the audience doesn’t feel forced to purchase your product, they will naturally gravitate toward your brand and trust your services. 

Connect Emotionally

Through stories, you can connect with your audience by evoking emotions and drawing them to your brand. It is a proven fact that a brand that emotionally connects with the audience has an enduring effect on the audience, and they associate easily with the brand. 

Increase Conversions

Now, this might not seem to be the direct effect, but in a roundabout manner, branded content will enhance conversions for your business. When you gain authority and credibility through it, your brand is seen at the top of the market. Thus, your business becomes the preferred choice of the audience and eventually gets more customers. 

What Are The Strategies To Use When Making Branded Content?

To leave an impression on your customers, you need to have a well-built content approach. Follow these creative content marketing tips to make branded content:

Know your Audience

You can make relatable content if you know your audience. Therefore, make sure to follow the demographics and understand audience behavior patterns and preferences to tailor-make your branded content. Check out your target audience’s needs and the challenges they are facing to understand them at a deeper level. 

Craft a Story

Once you know what will interest your audience, use a compelling narrative to knit it beautifully with your brand values. While doing so, keep the brand message authentic and relevant to your audience as well as the brand. Only a remarkable brand with a unique brand message can leave an impression that lasts.

Post it on the Right Channels

Apart from knowing your audience, it is crucial to know where your audience is. An experienced e-commerce site developer should always use the appropriate channel to reach their audience. Once you know that, tailor the content accordingly to connect with your audience right away. 

Offer Some Value

The intent of your content needs to serve your audience in any way. It can be educating them, entertaining them, or helping them in some way. By doing so, your brand will be seen as a trusted resource that impacts the minds of your audience.

Seek Collaborations

If you reach out to influencers who have a genuine fan base, you can directly amplify your content’s reach and credibility. The trust and hype of the influencers can easily be carried to your brand through collaboration.


No content strategy is complete if it is checked and altered after posting. Utilize analytics tools to track metrics for your content, such as reach, engagement, and conversion rates. Understand the analytics and optimize your content strategy from time to time. 


At Get Reviews Buzz, we offer content marketing services that can help you achieve this goal. Our team is skilled in creating brand-centered narratives that tell your brand’s story and create a lasting impression on the audience. By choosing our branded content marketing service, you can make your brand stand out and grow your business.


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