Check the cheat codes to get more TripAdvisor reviews and ratings

Explore Cheat Codes to Get More TripAdvisor Reviews

TripAdvisor reviews and ratings

As far as travel planning goes, TripAdvisor certainly plays a prominent role. Approximately 13% of international trips and almost 8% of all domestic trips were influenced by the transparent and authentic reviews on TripAdvisor in 2014, which is over 350 million trips and 1.8 billion nights of tourism! Sounds fascinating, right?

As people trust their fellow travelers’ opinions more when it comes to your TripAdvisor score, improving it will help your business. Simply asking for reviews on TripAdvisor will boost your business.

But as the blog title suggests- ‘Cheat Code’, here’s the first one for you- Buy TripAdvisor reviews and ratings! Yes, you read it right, you can buy positive reviews and 5-star ratings. You can leverage the potential of client testimonials, which acts as word of mouth in the digital age.

Before we go on and find some more ways to boost the TripAdvisor ratings and reviews, let’s see how TripAdvisor ranks a business.

How TripAdvisor ranks its hotels

To determine where you’ll appear on the list, TripAdvisor looks at three different factors. Your reviews should be relevant, recent, and of good quality. TripAdvisor Popularity Ranking also considers the consistency of your reviews when calculating your rating.

The data from TripAdvisor shows that over time, “the quality and quantity of reviews provide us with a measure of a business’s stability. The ranking of a business with consistently positive reviews is higher than that of a business with both positive and negative reviews.

Here is what TripAdvisor considers as the ranking factor

Quality of reviews
What kind of information is provided in each review? How often do guests confirm that they feel safe, well-cared for, and respected while at the property? Reviews that are of high quality include detailed, first-hand accounts that provide useful insight for future guests.

Engage guests in providing feedback by asking thoughtful questions and posing prompts that illustrate their emotional response to the experience. If you respond to guest reviews on the platform, you can improve your TripAdvisor ranking.

Quantity of reviews
You are ranked based on how many reviews you have received. In comparison to a similar tour company in the same region, your business will be considered.

The number of positive reviews indicates the quality of the service. Therefore, you should encourage your guests to leave five-star reviews.

How Recent are the reviews?
Does your last review date back to before COVID? Travelers seek reviews demonstrating that a business puts its guests’ safety first. Furthermore, guests want to know how their hotel experience will be.

One review written pre-pandemic will not be as influential as one from the COVID-19 period. Recently published reviews seem to be honest, candid, and relevant for readers. In the eyes of readers, these reviews more accurately reflect what they can expect if they book now. Recent reviews are more trustworthy than outdated testimonials that might be months old or even years old.

Here’s how to improve your TripAdvisor ranking

Make sure your profile is complete
Incomplete and unengaging profiles are a huge turnoff for customers.
First impressions are important on TripAdvisor, too – and your profile is where you make a good first impression on potential clients. You should include information about your company, your services, and appealing content. Adding high-quality photos and videos to your profile will help showcase you in the best possible light. Use relevant keywords, update your business description, and use high-quality pictures.

Keep track of customer reviews and interact with them
It’s not enough to simply have reviews from customers. Additionally, you should engage with your customers and respond to their queries and TripAdvisor reviews, whether they are positive or negative. You can attract more customers by handling bad reviews in the right manner. By apologizing to a customer and ensuring their concerns are addressed when a negative review is received, you’re more likely to earn the trust of the customer. Additionally, it’s important to respond to positive reviews.

Gather data
Collecting and analysing customer feedback as well as competitor reviews is one of the best ways to improve your business ranking and overall performance. On TripAdvisor, tours reviews will indicate what needs improvement, which marketing efforts need to be improved, and the areas where repeat customers have a positive experience. Checking the reviews of your competitors, especially the ones who have a higher ranking than yours, can also help you achieve even better results.

Embedding the TripAdvisor widget
Put TripAdvisor widgets on your website or Facebook page to enable customers to leave reviews faster. Free widgets are available. You can use the Write-A-Review widget on your website (which allows customers to evaluate your business), the Rating widget (which displays your business’ TripAdvisor rating), or the Rave Review widget (which displays the most recent outstanding reviews).

Earn TripAdvisor awards or recognitions
Getting recognized or awarded on TripAdvisor can also boost your ranking on TripAdvisor and your business’s reputation. Travelers’ Choice and the Certificate of Excellence are the two awards that TripAdvisor gives to businesses. A business that has consistently received great reviews from travelers is awarded the Travellers’ Choice award, while a business that has received the Certificate of Excellence award has earned repeat business.

A minimum number of total reviews of at least four out of five is required to improve your chances of winning one of these recognitions. You are required to have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least one year. Don’t forget to share your recognition once you have received it!

These were a few cheat codes or we could say the insights for boosting your rating and rankings.

You can use these to boost your existing ranking and reviews on your listing. Alternatively, you can buy these from us! You can buy reviews for any platform. Whether you want to buy reviews for Play Store or TripAdvisor or any other online platform, we can help.


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