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She Lives Beauty, a company that aims to empower people to embrace their confidence and live their best lives through high-end fashion, approached us about a website redesign. Their existing website was out of date and did not effectively convey the luxurious and bold image they wished to project to their target audience. They needed a website design that would showcase their products and services while also emphasizing their commitment to promoting self-confidence and individuality.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to create a website that accurately reflected She Lives Beauty’s values and aesthetics while also appealing to their target market. We aimed to strike the right balance between luxury and accessibility, creating a space in which customers could browse high-end fashion without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed

Campaign Summary

The Solution

To achieve these objectives, we included several key elements in the new website design. First, we included images of professional models and “real” people wearing She Lives Beauty clothing and accessories. This strategy helped to humanize the brand and demonstrate how their products can help anyone improve their style.

Second, we chose a sophisticated color palette with deep jewel tones and metallics to evoke feelings of luxury and opulence. Simple background graphics and sharp, diagonal lines add visual interest while drawing attention to specific areas of the page, such as product listings or calls to action.

Lastly, we used the Subtle Shelves Live Beauty logo pattern subtly throughout the site to increase brand recognition and consistency on each page.


The Results

After the redesign, the She Lives Beauty website exudes elegance, sophistication, and approachability. Visitors are greeted with eye-catching, high-quality imagery that reflects the brand’s ethos and encourages exploration.

The website successfully balances luxury and accessibility through the strategic use of colors, patterns, and layout, creating a welcoming environment in which customers can discover and indulge in high-end fashion.

She Lives Beauty has reported increased traffic, engagement, and sales since the redesign, demonstrating the new design’s effectiveness. Overall, the client is pleased with the finished product and acknowledges our team’s ability to bring their vision to life and create a true masterpiece.

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