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Rehvive / Automobil Haus Attracts Elite Clientele with Stunning WordPress Site

Rehvive / Automobil Haus, a luxury automobile dealership located in Beverly Hills, California, aimed to elevate its online presence to attract more customers and showcase its exclusive collection of high-end vehicles. With a focus on luxury brands like Mercedes AMG, Audi TT RS, and Mercedes GLA, as well as curated content like “Tribute to Naked Bikes,” the dealership wanted to engage potential buyers by creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website.

The Challenge

The existing website lacked cohesive branding, intuitive navigation, and visual appeal, limiting its effectiveness in attracting and retaining visitors. Furthermore, key sections such as services, locations, and a blog were either missing or poorly highlighted. Rehvive / Automobil Haus needed a website redesign that would effectively showcase its luxury vehicles, highlight its unique offerings, and provide a seamless user experience.

Campaign Summary

The Solution

Rehvive / Automobil Haus collaborated with Get Reviews Buzz to develop a WordPress website tailored to their specific requirements. The redesign focused on the following key elements:

  • Visual Appeal and Branding
    The new website featured a sleek and modern design consistent with the luxury image of Rehvive / Automobil Haus. High-quality images of luxury vehicles, including Mercedes AMG, Audi TT RS, and Mercedes GLA, were prominently showcased to captivate visitors’ attention.
  • Intuitive Navigation
    A clear and intuitive navigation menu was implemented, allowing visitors to easily access important sections such as home, about, services, locations, blog, and contact.
  • Featured Content Sections
    Special sections were dedicated to highlighting key offerings, including a tribute to naked bikes and information about working with Rehvive / Automobil Haus. Each luxury brand, such as Mercedes AMG and Audi TT RS, had its own dedicated page with detailed information and stunning visuals.
  • Contact Information
    Contact information, including the dealership’s address and phone number, was prominently displayed in the header and footer of the website, making it easy for visitors to reach out for inquiries or appointments.
The Results

The launch of the redesigned WordPress website significantly enhanced Rehvive / Automobil Haus’s online presence and user engagement. The visually appealing design, intuitive navigation, and featured content sections effectively showcased the dealership’s luxury vehicles and unique offerings, attracting more visitors and potential buyers. The clear contact information also facilitated seamless communication between the dealership and its customers, resulting in increased inquiries and appointments.

In conclusion, the website redesign successfully elevated Rehvive / Automobil Haus’s online presence, positioning it as a premier destination for luxury automobile enthusiasts in Beverly Hills and beyond. By leveraging the power of WordPress and strategic web design, Rehvive / Automobil Haus achieved its goal of creating a visually stunning and user-friendly website to showcase its exclusive collection of luxury vehicles.

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