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Engaging Video Testimonials & Visuals Skyrocket Iretex Premier’s Lead Gen & Engagement by 2x!

Iretex Premier, a packaging materials company that focused its marketing on common and social media platforms, used Facebook ads for lead generation, resulting in increased audience and engagement.

  • Increased crowd quality.
  • Increase in leads.
  • 60% decrease in cost per lead.
  • 30% increase in audience engagement following new campaigns.
The Story

Since the significant impact of e-commerce websites on social media platforms for small businesses, people have had a variety of options to choose from, and they prefer online shopping as more convenient for their needs.

With the skyrocketing of online business, demand for packaging materials grew to become a popular and fast-moving product.

Iretex began with the goal of creating safe packaging that was much easier to use and handle, and they introduced bubble mailers and wraps, which quickly became their best-selling product due to their ease of use and safety.

Campaign Summary

The Goal

While packaging materials were easily available in different specifications and Customisations, the goal was to grab the audience through genuine promises and transparency which attracted them towards the products. The brand that was marketed through Instagram posters had to find and create a better community on Instagram and Facebook through ad lead generation. An increase in the quality of content had to be an essential factor in building the brand.

  • Initial posters on Instagram had been converted to more crowd-catching content with product images, tutorials, and tips.
  • Video testimonials were introduced, focusing on crafters who gave honest reviews.
  • Added headlines to videos for the users who tend to scroll through, along with subtitles, which created a drastic impact on engagement and business.
  • Customer feedback was added and replaced with ad primary texts.
  • Video testimonials led to an increase in leads.
  • Cost per lead decreased with an increase in quality and engagement.
  • A 2x increase in Engagement and crowd.

Delivering Result That Matters

Increase in Website Traffic


Witnessed a commendable boost in website traffic.

Increase In Organic Traffic


Massive growth in Organic Traffic

Page Authority Improved


Witnessed significant boost in their page authority.

How We Achieved This Milestone

Our SEO team built an integrated campaign to target their local audience. With our quick audit, we diagnosed any technical issues that might be causing their low search visibility.

Within a few months of working with us, the client’s website witnessed a steady increase in rankings and traffic. The website continued to see improvement and an increase in the traffic and direct visitors month after month.



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