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Enhancing Digital Presence: A Case Study on Social Media Optimization for Dollar General


Dollar General was not receiving reach or engagement from social media posts, and there was a lack of brand awareness through social media channels. We stepped in and developed a compelling social media strategy for them that proved to be extremely effective.

About the Project

Dollar General Organic Grocery Store only sells organic vegetables, fruits, and groceries. They source organic vegetables, fruits, and grains directly from genuine organic farmers and reputable aggregators who work with organic farmers.

Campaign Summary


After understanding the product offering and the customer, we devised a scientific communication strategy for social media platforms.

  • We created engaging posts for their business and shared them across all social media channels.
  • We worked on social listening and monitoring.
  • We used layered targeting techniques to identify the appropriate audiences among social media users based on location, age, property ownership status, and interests, including an affinity for Dollar General competitors.
Result & Outcomes
  • 30% increased engagement on various social media platforms compared to the previous period.
  • The share of voice for the brand name increased by 15%.
  • A 115% increase in organic inquiries has begun through social media channels.

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