Can Google Reviews help improve search rankings? Know Here

Find Out if Google Reviews Improve Search Rankings

Can Google Reviews help improve search rankings Know here

You want to invest in Google reviews but you are not sure if it would do any good to your business! This is why you need to understand the impact of reviews on your business and website ranking.

Having said that, you would be curious to know if Google reviews would help you improve the search ranking. There are two answers to this question: a short answer and a long answer.

It’s true that Google Reviews can enhance search rankings and general SEO efforts. Despite the fact that many factors influence search rankings, online consumer reviews communicate authority, expertise, and trust to engines.

A Google My Business profile with positive Google reviews is a dream come true for every business owner. The site not only lets you know your products and services are loved, but also lets anyone who stumbles upon it know just that!

And before you come to a conclusion and decide to buy google reviews, take some more time to get the long answer-

Are Online Google Reviews Helpful for Search Rankings?

In order to determine whether you have the trustworthiness Google is looking for, it examines the ratings from local customers. Moreover, Google reviews have been directly linked to the ranking of your website in search results.

A case study-

Google banned anonymously submitted reviews without a profile last year. Many businesses lost many reviews overnight after the new ban was applied retroactively. A local search expert, Joy Hawkins, ventured to look at GMB profiles that lost reviews to see whether their rankings changed.

How did it turn out? If a business lost many reviews, it typically decreased two spots or more, sometimes even dropping off of Page 1.

Around the same time Hawkins released his study, Darren Shaw of Whitespark released the results from his annual Google Local Rankings Survey showing that reviews accounted for over 15% of how Google ranks local businesses.

Researchers from Moz released a paper on how to optimize SEO for local restaurants, observing that eateries with fewer than 100 reviews have a 1% chance of being listed in the top three results. Furthermore, none of the three-pack-worthy restaurants they studied had ratings below 4.1.

How Do Google Reviews Help SEO?

We all know that local reviews on Google boost your rankings in the local search results. However, why does it matter? What does Google care about?

Three main reasons explain this.

Trust is built through local customer reviews
We’ve already discussed trust and authority quite a bit, but it’s worth repeating. The statements made by others about you are often more trusted by Google than what you say. While you can list “Best Pizza Joint in Philly” as much as you like on your website, Google values customer comments even more. With social endorsements, your website will appear more visible in the algorithm.

Customers who rate their experience well drive more traffic
The Google reviews a business receives on its website are very important to many online shoppers. 57% of consumers only use businesses with four or more stars, according to BrightLocal. With several detailed reviews and a solid star rating, your business is more likely to be trusted and clicked on by searchers. The added traffic signals to Google the authority of your site, resulting in a higher ranking.

Reviews from your local community let Google know what kind of website you have
For good SEO, you need to keep your website’s pages rich and detailed. In turn, this increases the likelihood that Google will serve up your website to online searchers who encounter these full descriptions.
It is exactly the same thing that your customers do when they leave online reviews. Your customer reviews not only let the Google bots know what your site is about, but they can also fill in any gaps in your content that your robots might have missed.

What is the best way to get more Google reviews?

Getting more 5-star ratings isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Positive customer reviews can, however, be encouraged by certain actions. Try contacting your most satisfied customers – many businesses leave out signs requesting reviews, or offer “Review Us” buttons on their website.
You can even buy Google reviews to leverage the potential of online positive reviews.
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