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A Guide On ‘Google Product Review Update’

Google Product Rating Review

Sharing a major update that is bound to alter the dynamics of the digital marketplace, Google has modified the Product review policy. What was seen as a temporary technical glitch that had halted the review posting process on Google was a major change in the Product review policy.

For any business owner who relies heavily on SEO ranking, the update is going to be a major game-changer.

Until now, which means before 8 April 2021 when the update was shared, the reviews did nothing more than just displaying your product quality to the potential customers, but with this major new update, the reviews are going to influence the SEO ranking as well.

Yes, you read it right, the product reviews are going to influence your business’s SEO ranking.

Though the insights about the functionality involved in the policy are kind of vague, moreover, it has been just introduced so it might take some time to decide how it would work.

However, one thing is sure, that from now onwards, the product reviews are going to make a very big difference and would dominate the google algorithms.

Let’s understand the functional aspects of the latest Product Review Policy

Google declared another Search calculation update – the Google Product Review update. This update is “intended to more readily remunerate” product reviews that “share inside and out research, instead of flimsy content that essentially sums up a lot of items,” a representative disclosed to Search Engine Land.

As per the latest update, reviews that are written in a manner that has “adroit investigation and unique exploration” will be remunerated, particularly “content composed by specialists or aficionados who know the point well,” Google said.

Having said that, Google conveyed that product reviews, which are research-based insights, would rank higher than the rest of the thin content.

Furthermore, the Google product review update intends to advance review content that is far more than a significant part of the template data you see on the web. Google said it would advance these sorts of product reviews in its indexed lists rankings.

Google isn’t straightforwardly rebuffing lower quality product review that has “meager content that just sums up a lot of items.” However, if you use such reviews and discover that your rankings are downgraded, it would be the result of using short reviews, and in the given scenario, you will lose your rank to the review that is stuffed with better and insightful details.

As per Google, this is not a foul play against you. Google is simply compensating destinations with more sagacious review content with rankings over yours.

In simple words, reviews with more functional and detail-oriented content would rank higher than those with just a tiny summary about the product description.

This update should just affect Product review content and not different sorts of content.

A few more facts about the latest Google Product Review Policy

Not a core update

Google additionally said this isn’t a core update. This is an independent update they are calling it a product review update. This is isolated from Google’s standard core updates, the organization conveyed. Regardless, Google added that the rules are going to be similar to a core update. It is going to be predominantly about delivering quality content.

Advice about the Google Product Update

The “emphasis generally is on furnishing clients with content that gives sagacious investigation and unique examination, content composed by specialists or fans who know the subject well,” Google said about this update.

That is comparative advice to the core update suggestions referenced above, yet here is a rundown of “extra valuable advice to consider regarding Product review policy.”

Google suggests that your product reviews should cover the below-mentioned areas and should provide an effective answer to these questions.

In a nutshell, while writing the product reviews make sure to satisfy all these requirements or questions.

  • Were the details provided about the product were suitable?
  • Does the review give a better insight into ‘how to use the products? Moreover, is that content different from what the manufacturer has already mentioned?
  • Do the reviews suggest how the product is good in performance?
  • Did your review show how this product is different or better than the other similar product in the market?
  • Did you compare it with other products and showed how this can be used in a particular situation?
  • Were there enough benefits and drawbacks mentioned in the Product review?
  • Did you include the points that suggest how this product is better than its previous models or family and what all new things have been included in the latest product? Did you talk about the evolution of the product?
  • How is this product going to affect the existing market or how the existing market situation would affect its customer’s choices? For instance, in the case of a smartphone, you can write how the prices and market conditions would influence the decision-making process of the customer.
  • Did you tell the readers that how this product is going to perform and affect them? Make sure that this point has something more than what the manufacturer would have said.

How to know that the update has started to affect your business?

Just in case you are a business owner who has a website that offers product reviews then you should have a look at your ranking to check whether you are being impacted or not.

Ask the SEO experts to check if your Google organic traffic has declined, improved, or has stayed the same. If you notice a trend that takes your ranking in negative or downgrades it, then it is your time to put in the effort and work on the product review content.

A tiny cheat sheet for you!

Kidding! There is no cheat sheet to understand or decode the functionality of the latest Google product review. However, here is something that you can do-

Keep your Product reviews insightful and detail-oriented! This is the only way to make the best use of the update.


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