5 Ways A GBP Optimization Service Can Help You Rank Higher

5 Ways a GBP Optimization Service Can Help You Improve Your Rank

GBP Optimization

Every business needs to be easily found on Google nowadays. Many businesses understand the importance of improving their website and using Google Ads. However, some might not realize there’s a third thing to enhance: Get the best GBP optimization service. This business listing, officially called your Google Business Profile, is like a quick overview of your business on Google. It showcases your strengths and allows potential customers to discover, learn from, and connect with you directly from the search results. And the best part? It won’t cost you anything—it’s absolutely free.

The provided image displays an example of a thoroughly optimized Google My Business profile, showcasing key elements. These may include accurate business information, compelling visuals, and positive customer reviews. A well-optimized profile enhances online visibility and user engagement, contributing to a more favorable online presence for the business.

Despite 167 billion monthly Google searches, a BrightLocal study found that the average Business Profile gets just 1,260 views simultaneously (0.00000075%!). What’s more concerning is that only 59 actions result from those 1,260 views, less than 5%.

The issue isn’t with Google My Business; many businesses aren’t fully utilizing its powerful features. That’s why we’ve created this guide. Discover 5 simple ways to enhance your Google My Business profile.

  1. Claim your Business Profile.
  2. Fill out every section in your Google My Business account.
  3. Pay attention to your contact information.
  4. Choose primary and secondary categories.
  5. Write a complete “from the business” description.

By making these improvements, you can transform your Google My Business Profile into a powerful tool for attracting customers without spending money. Let’s dive in.

Quick Note: Although Google officially calls it a “Google Business Profile,” we will use the more familiar term “Google My Business” throughout this post.

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Tips For Improving Your Google My Business Profile

1. Setting Up A Google My Business Account

Keep in mind that a Google Business Profile is different from a Google My Business account. The account is essential for accessing and improving the profile. To follow the steps in this guide, make sure you have a Google My Business account and link it to your Google Business Profile. Go to Google.com/business, and log in with your usual Google/Gmail account for your business (not your personal Gmail, if you have one).

2. Fill Out Information In Every Section

Completing your Google Business Profile boosts your ranking in local searches and encourages customers to take action when they discover your profile. To ensure you cover all the necessary details, follow these simple guidelines:

Immediate priorities

1. Name

2. Address

3. Phone

4. Website

5. Hours

Require more attention

6. Category and Attributes

7. Products and services

8. Information from the business

9. Questions and answers (Owner-generated)

Continuous updates

10. Posts

11. Reviews

12. Questions and answers (Consumer-generated)

3. Pay Close Attention to Contact Details

To improve your Google Business Profile, follow these simple steps for optimizing your contact information:

  • Use your business name exactly as it appears on your store sign. Avoid adding location names or extra keywords, as Google considers this spam and may penalize you.
  • Ensure your business name and address match consistently across all your online listings. Pay attention to details like using “st” instead of “street” or “co” instead of “company.” Google’s algorithm considers these consistencies when evaluating your credibility.
  • Provide both your regular and holiday hours. This not only encourages customer visits but also helps prevent negative reviews from people who made the effort to visit your store only to find it closed.

4. Craft Your Business Description

You can’t control the short write-up below your business name in your Business Profile. Google created it for consistency. However, you can optimize the “from the business” part:

  • Maximize the 750 characters, putting key info in the first 250.
  • Repurpose content from your “About Us” or mission statement.
  • Use keywords your customers search for.
  • Avoid repeating info already visible elsewhere. Share what makes you unique and what customers like about your business.
  • Don’t include links or HTML.

5. Pick the Right Category for Your Google My Business Profile

Selecting the right category is crucial for boosting your Google Business Profile. Here’s why it matters:

Boost Discovery Searches: 84% of views on Google Business Profiles come from discovery searches. These occur when a consumer searches for a product, service, or specific category, and your business pops up. Only 16% come from direct searches where the consumer types in the business name or address. This is especially important for businesses with names that don’t clearly indicate their service.

Highlight Special Features: Choosing a category unlocks specific features on Google that can enhance your profile. For instance, restaurants can add a menu or reservation button, hotels can display star ratings, and hair salons can showcase expertise in dealing with specific hair types. These details can set you apart from your competitors.

Top Placement: Your chosen category appears prominently in the top section of your Google Business Profile.

Follow these simple steps used in comprehensive GBP optimization services:

Be Specific: Choose the most specific category that accurately represents your business. For example, if you run a nail salon, opt for “Nail Salon” instead of a generic “Salon.” Google provides a drop-down list, and you can check the complete list of categories here to find the best fit for your business among the 3,000+ options.

Add Secondary Categories: Many businesses fit into multiple categories. Set your primary category as your main offering (e.g., “Grocery Store”) and then add additional relevant categories like “Grocery Delivery Service” or “Gourmet Grocery Store.”

Avoid Overdoing It: Choose only categories that genuinely match your services. If you’re an appliance repair business, select “Appliance Repair” rather than adding unrelated categories like “Appliance Parts Supplier.” This ensures that Google connects you with consumers who genuinely need your service.

Remember, Google might ask for verification if you change your category list or add multiple categories, ensuring accuracy across their platform. Therefore, it is better to hire local business optimization services to help you with this and many more.

Final Thoughts

Harnessing the power of a GBP optimization service can significantly elevate your business’s online visibility. While Google My Business (GBP) is a free business listing service, its potential often remains untapped. The statistics reveal that businesses are missing out on the immense benefits they can offer. Following the five simple tips outlined, you can transform your Google My Business Profile into a potent asset, attracting customers without spending a dime. 

Remember, claiming your Business Profile in a local search of your area and selecting the right category are some of the pivotal steps toward a business optimization service. Take charge of your online presence and watch your business soar in local searches.
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