2020 Review stats that every business owner should know

2020 Review Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know

2020 Review stats

2020 has been a crazy year for every industry. Every business went through ups and downs last year, but there is something we all have learned from it. The internet is the solution to all our needs. In 2020 various aspects of online businesses came into highlights, and one of them was the importance of reviews. If you want to know how reviews can impact your business in 2021, this article will be a big help to you. We are going to tell you some facts about the reviews that we have gathered. So let’s dive right into it.

82% of buyers seek negative reviews

Forget about the positive reviews; negative ones influence the buyers the most. If your business has any negative reviews, that will impact the buyer’s choice the most. People check if the company has any negative thoughts before going through all the positive ones. Be it any buyer, he/she will never want to compromise with the quality of the service or product they want to invest in. And that is the only reason they will see the loopholes of the business first. Many businesses are getting positive reviews, but their negative aspect is only reflected through their negative reviews, and that’s what the audience knows.

Reviews impact 91% of buyers.

This world is getting digital, and reviews are one of the essential things when it comes to winning the trust of your customers on the web. People get influenced by reviews the most. In fact, 91% of the buyers decide based on the reviews they see online. The internet is crowded with online buyers, which is why they want to look out for positive reviews. Everyone wants to deal with a trusted business or brand, and reviews can quickly win the audience’s trust.

Reviews send 6.47% of signals to Google.

You might be aware of the fact that reviews are very important for the ranking of your business listing, especially when it comes to the GMB listing. There are various signals that the GMB listing sends to the search engine. The signals come from different components, such as the description of the listing and its name. Reviews send 6.47% signals as per Moz. This percentage of the signal is enough for you to get ranked higher on the SERP. Google will get to know that people are coming on your GMB and interacting with the business.

Reviews are critical for an expensive product.

The only reason why people are so much concerned about the reviews is that they want to invest in the best. This clearly justifies why the importance of reviews increases with the price of the product. Positive reviews increase the conversion rate of expensive products by 380%, whereas this rate gets increased by 190% for lowered priced products. This makes complete sense because the more significant investment a person wants to make, the more concerned he/she will be for word of mouth.

Images and videos matter but not as much as the text

Having images and videos on your business listing by your buyers is important because the visual treat is better than anything else. But still, it would surprise you to know that text reviews are more critical for any business visitor. Text reviews are more precised; they can tell the whole story of the customer along with their experience. We all know that the customer can pour out his/her heart through the text, which is probably not possible through image or video.

3 star is a necessity

If you wonder how many stars your business listing should get, then the right answer is 3. A business should atleast have three stars because 82% of the shopper avoid dealing with businesses that have less than a 3-star rating. If your business has a less than 5-star rating, it might affect your business’s sales. So clearly, the rating is also as important as reviews.

But why do you need to know

We hope that you have realized the importance of the reviews by now. If you are trying to sell online, you need to know that you cannot accelerate your sales without getting online positive reviews. It is essential for you to gather reviews because there are various aspects of reviews that count on getting online attention. Many businesses are focusing on bringing reviews and positive ratings because they know studies have the potential to uplift the business. Let us tell you a couple of advantages to getting reviews.

Benefits of getting reviews

Win the trust of the audience

Winning the trust of the audience is probably the most challenging part of marketing. However, reviews can help your business gain public trust effortlessly because word of mouth is compelling in the digital world.

Boost lead generation

Businesses are struggling to generate leads. First, they fail to impress their audience, and then they don’t show any valid proof of customer satisfaction. Reviews are the solution to this problem. With good reviews, your business can generate more leads, and that’s why it is essential to focus on them.

Enhance the brand image

Besides good deals, the customer will consider the online reputation of the business. A brand image matters the most, and if your business’s public image is damaged, then reviews can fix that. With good reviews, you can improve your business’s brand image, which will let your customers have trust in you.

The end

There you go, these were some stats of reviews that every business owner should know. Getting reviews could be challenging, but it worth the struggle, and that’s why it would be better for you to start paying attention to it.


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