Google My Business Q&A

Did you know that the Q & A feature helps your company develop and stay ahead?

A frequently overlooked aspect of GMB is the Question & Answer section. Also known as Google Q&A, Google My Business allows users to ask questions and answer questions directly in the information panel of a business.

This Q&A feature is not even known to many businesses! The company often does not answer the questions, or the questions are answered by people who often offer inaccurate or less-than-helpful responses.

This can cause an organization to suffer negatively and with disappointing results.

What are Google My Business Q & A’s?

Google My Business Q & A’s are questions and answers that are crowdsourced for a local business by counteracting the bad while making the most of the good. Such questions are asked and answered through the local knowledge Panel of a company.

These answers can be found directly in the results of Google’s search. In fact, this extra information will help customers find meaningful, timely answers to their questions, which will directly influence their decision from the Knowledge Panel to call or visit the company.

Ex: Does this shop sells hats?

How to use Google My Business Q&As to your advantage?

As you know that Google My Business is an incredible and powerful gateway to your website. Likewise, Google My Business Q&A’s helps place important business information before the eyes of your potential customers who are searching for your product, services and experience online and offline.

For people looking for Google My Business Q&A’s, the GMB Q&A feature is great. And, as a business owner or an entity, before a random person does, you should willingly follow up and answer their questions.

Create Your Own FAQ

The coolest thing about Google My Business Q & A is that you can regulate your question and answer them all by yourself. Sounds cool isn’t it!

You can strengthen your brand, showcase high quality customer service to local consumers, and give potential customers greater access to the answers they are looking for.

In fact, you can create a FAQ section on your Google My Business listing. It’s a great idea, and it’s not likely that your competitors will think about it.

What to Ask and Answer?

A great way to find out what kind of answer your customers are looking for is by speaking to your customer and sales team. They work with their customers every day and hear customer questions, concerns, complaints, feedback and insights in your company.

When you’re an agency, it’s a good way to understand how your clients work, to meet the team, to get to know who their customers are and what their concerns and questions are. They will use all of this knowledge to handle the search advertising of your clients, as you must understand it to build a successful strategy.

Thumps Up or Thumps Down

The Q & A section can be found in search results, keeping customers up to date. It is a good idea when you provide responses, including keywords, as long as they do not make the reply seem awkward and mandatory.

People can also “thumb up” or “thumbs down” questions and this will affect the sequence of questions.



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