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Delete Fake GBP’s

Fake GBPs can be extremely toxic for your business as they will be the ones getting all the public attention and traffic. Get them out of your way with our GBP removal service and start generating organic traffic that you have been missing.

Price: $100/Per Listing

How Fake GBPs Can Harm Your Business?

Fake GBPs are mostly disguised as a credible business and end up directing your traffic towards them. As per some reports, Google Maps carries approximately 11 million illegitimate local listings! Yes, you read it right. You are prone to losing your potential customers to these falsely claimed businesses.

These bogus GBP listings drive legitimate businesses lower in local search results and limit their ability to reach consumers. You can invest a lot of money in Local SEO services and can still end up losing your target customers to these fake GBPs.

This can be bad news for your local business! Thus, it is very important to get them removed. These fake GBPs masquerading as a real business can hurt the reputation of your business.

It has been proved that scammers have successfully created fake GBPs by using the name of a credible business. For instance, if you own a local business, then someone can create a fake GBP by using your business name.

In this situation, the scammer would just put their contact number instead of yours so that if customers interact with that fake GBP they assume that it is your business and while making an order they end up calling the scammer who has provided his number on the GBP listing. In this case, you not only lost a customer, but you have also let a scammer use your hard-earned business reputation. In either case, a fake GBP is a threat to your business.


Get GBP Removal Service

Google is aware of the fake GBP listings and has provided the facility to get them removed. It is easier to get rid of the fake GBPs than getting rid of a fake negative review about your business.

Google wants to maintain its reputation and save the integrity of the authentic business, and thus keeping such fraudulent listings at bay becomes very crucial! This is why it has given you the advantage of getting these fake GBP listings removed.

Just in case, you find a fake GBP listing and want to get rid of it, you can hire a professional and trustworthy digital marketing company to do the task for you.

Why Get Reviews Buzz?

We will do anything in our power to help you get rid of the fake GBP listings. We understand that these fake GBPs are a potential risk to your business and we have all the required tools, knowledge, and expertise to help you!

If you have come across any fake GBP listing then just contact us and share the details, we would be there to assist you. We care for your business as much as you do, our dedication and commitment to help your business get over all possible hurdles in your way to success has made us the most trusted digital marketing company.


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