Local SEO Platinum Pack

Platinum Plan

You’re ultimate super power awaits. Basic and Premium combines with added volume and features to form executive.

This is our dream scheme. The technical strategy is our fast-track program designed to improve search results at a faster pace for small and medium-size businesses. It offers ample resources to solve the most popular credibility issues online, such as deleting such content, decreasing exposure and sometimes completing the removal of web pages. Review Management or other technical aspects shall also be included as needed.

Our Pro reputation plans typically include the following activities.

Competitive Research

The online search and social environment for similar organizations (companies, brands, people etc.) are a strategic research to understand what ticks the search and social outcome. The quality and technological foundation of search results are analyzed, then a gap analysis is performed which can be used to strengthen those of the target organization to understand what is missing from search results.

Key Phrase Research

Where do you find your brand with the most important search phrases? The research phase Key Phrase examines the volume of keywords, difficulty, competition, similar sentences and more.

Claim and Optimize Map Listing

You have a chance to get searcher’s attention when your company appears in Maps. Yet Google uses an algorithm distinct from organic results to produce Maps. We help you claim and optimize the company website that is no longer sufficient to provide your company with local exposure.

Influencer sites

Many domains are returned to rivals more often than others. We consider the trend for creating custom lists in competitive search results. This way we know which web properties generally and particularly to create or construct.

Image analysis

When unflattering images are returned or are not enough of the right ones, we will find ways to fix the issue by looking for content and SEO images of similar entities. For example, we often suggest we create a site, then promote to modify how search engines show pictures in search results.

Reputation strategy

When the research phase is finished, an online reputation strategy is developed for us. It is the preparation of an action plan to transform the results of brand searches. The approach is usually presented by the members of the reputation team in a serial (step by step) format for future execution.

Monthly and quarterly reporting

Reporting normally happens on a monthly and quarterly basis, though as-needed reports for specific tasks. Reports typically contain improvements to the online profile and updates on the various steps that have been taken